Arctic Mobs

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Arctic Mobs is a mod that adds in mobs that are known to mainly inhabit cold and snowy locations. These mobs can be real-life creatures, or some made up ones that I came up with.



These are so far the mobs I'm planning to add. The ones marked in strikethrough are the ones that I have 100% completed. Keep in mind that this list might change to include more mobs.



Harp Seal


Snow Leopard

Albino Gorilla


Frozen (A snow biome version of zombies)

Glacies Affinis (A spider)

Snow Creeper


Iceologer (A mob that lost against the glow squid at Minecraft Live 2020)

Ice Goddess


Blocks & Items

Along with the new mobs, there's also going to be some new blocks and items, although most of them is obtained through most of the new mobs.

Here are some screenshots. First up is a screenshot of some of the new blocks:















Blocks added in 0.1.0














Here are some items:








Items added in 0.1.0


















You might also find yourself some new tools, like these:


Coldwood tools and a Nepterian Igniter


















New Dimension

Yes, that's right. In addition to new mobs, blocks and items, you'll also find a new dimension to explore; the Nepterian Dimension! It's sorta like a colder version of the nether. Most of the new mobs can only be found in this new dimension. Have a screenshot of what it looks like, as well as one of the new mobs:


Nepterian Dimension with the Ice Goddess























And that's all I have to show for now. Oh, that's right. There are also new advancements for you to complete. They are all in a new tab. Well, hope you enjoy this mod nonetheless. Thanks for reading through this. :)



Changes to add besides new mobs, blocks and items

Add trees to the new Nepterian biomes.

Make Strays spawn in the new Nepterian biomes. (I have trouble with this, so if you know how to solve this, please leave it in the comment section below.)

Add a new snow jungle biome in the overworld.

Add a new structure in the new Nepterian biomes that house the new Ice Goddess mob.

Add new armor.

Add special wearables that grants the player special powers.

Modification files
arctic_mobs 0.1.1.jar - Ver. 0.1.1Uploaded on: 07/09/2021 - 07:20   File size: 269.28 KB


  • You now get the Nepterian Igniter recipe when you have at least one diamond or lapis lazuli (The items you need for crafting) in your inventory!




  • Added new blocks; Nepterian Dirt, Nepterian Grass, Nepterian Leaves, Nepterian Stone, Nepterian Cobblestone, Coldwood Log, Coldwood Planks
  • Added new items; Coldwood Stick, Ice Scale
  • Added new tools; Coldwood Wooden Tools, Coldwood Stone Tools, Coldwood Iron Tools, Coldwood Golden Tools, Coldwood Diamond Tools, Coldwood Netherite Tools
  • Added new mobs; Ice Goddess
  • Added new dimension; Nepterian
  • Added new biomes; Nepterian Plains, Nepterian Forest
  • Added new advancements; Arctic Mobs, A Nepterian's first step, The World of Nepterian, Getting More Wood, God(dess) Slayer