[1.7.10] Ores Drop Mores 2S vA1

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This is a continuation Mod for the original Ores Drop Mores Mod made by kittycubical and Ores drop Mores 2 made by Rinnsal (sadly with both mod discontinued).


This mod, what it does, is add new blocks to your ordinary world of Minecraft. It does not change anything in your world in any way possible. All it does is spawn modded versions of your ordinary Vanilla ores. There are no crafting table needed to make these blocks, all you have to do is find them around your world.


All ores (But Lapis Lazuli and Redstone) drops 6 more. If this is too OP, the mod can be changed for 1-3 drops, already, these ores are rare.




Features included:

-ODM+ Tab-

-All Ores (But Lapis and Redstone)-

-Emerald Spawns in any Biome (But small chance of getting emerald) (Can be changed in the Future)-

-ODM Quarts Ores does not spawn-

-ODM Quarts does not have proper texture (Soon Changed)-

-Ghost Item spawns-



-Not compatible with World Generation Mods (Unsure)-


  • You might be asking: "Why is it still called 2?"

-It's because it's not a full made remake of  the ODM mod. All it does is spawn ores that drops more.


  • "Why is it called 2S?"

-The 'S' standing for scavenger, as not every ore drops more, so you have to scavenge for more.



NOTE: That this mod will just be a place holder until a proper sequel can be made. I will keep updating the mod as much as I can. If a complete sequel is made, this mod will be shut down and unavailable.


NOTE: The original creator gave me the thumbs up for a sequel a long time ago, only that I never got around to it until now.



This mod is made using MCreator.

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