Fate Of The World (RPG styled)

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Fate of the World

"sequel to fate of the universe mods"

This mod will add in new blocks,structures,mobs,biomes,wepons,ores and More!



0.0.1 Pre-Alpha

Have you ever wondered, What would happen if the worlds fate was set on destruction and only you could change that? Now you can in this RPG styled mod you can locate great structures that have mysterious loot, kill new powerful mobs, find amazing loot,weapons,armor, Meet new travelers who will give you weapons,food,armor,items and more! Finnaly travel to all the biomes (Desert,Swamp,Grasslands,Ocean,Winter) and kill the Royal princesses to find the location of the Queen who is set on destroying Minecraft!



With the queen still growing stronger everyday its now time to call upon the mystical contracts, With these contracts you can now call mobs to your side such as the servant or Archer to fight alongside you. With each contract needing more materials and more expensive materials also brings stronger Contracted Mobs.



Version History 

Version 0.0.1-PreAlpha

Version 0.0.2-Alpha

Version 0.0.3-Beta

Version 0.0.4



Version 0.0.1-PreAlpha 

5 new mobs (sand,winter,swamp princesses,Royal Guard,Terror)

2 Blocks (Elemental,Terror mob spawner)

1 item (Elemental Ingot)

2 Weapons (EpoisonDagger,Power Staff)

4 Tools (Elemental SPade,Axe,PickAxe,Hoe)

2 Structures (Dungeon V2.0 & StoreV1.0: Has 3 villagers that can trade) 


Version 0.0.2-Alpha

3 new mobs (ocean princess,Royal Queen,Medic)

2 blocks (Gem Transmuter,Medics block)

2 items (Elemental Ingot (Compressed), bandages)

1 armor (elemental)

1 weapon (Elemental Erapid Fire Bow)

2 Structures (Small Guard Tower, 3 Star House)

1 GUI (medics Interface)

1 Plant (Mysterious Plant)

Fixed Winter Princesses Texture

Updated Dungeon Structure


Version 0.0.3 Beta (Contracts Update)

2 items (Rank 1 soul,Servants Contract)

2 blocks (Servants Block,LavaBeast Spawner)

4 mobs (Servant,Archer,Lavabeast,RoyalArcher)

3 weapons (Reaper Sword,Royal Axe,Royal Bow)

1 food (Mysterious Leafs)

1 Biome (Royal Biome)

1 GUI (Servant GUI V1.0)

Updated medics GUI to V2.0 (More medic Options added)

Updated mob AI's

Fixed Spawn Rates for certain mobs

Tweaked Terrors(terror now drops Rank 1 Soul)

Increased spawn rate of terror spawner


Version 0.0.4 (Reborn Update)

***Re-made everything!!***


Removed Royal Biomes

Removed Servants and Medics GUI

Removed Servants and Medic Blocks

Removed Archer,Royal Archer

Removed gem Compressor


Changed Rank 1 souls texture

Changed EPosion Dagger Name to Elemental Dagger

Changed eRapidFire bows Name to Elemental Cross-bow

Adjusted All spawn rates,mob stats,weapon stats,drops from spawners


-Added lava beast Spawner

-Eating Slimy Leaves gives funny things in server chat



Elemental Dagger

In-Game Images

Dungeon V2.0



Small Guard House

3 Star House


More Info [this is important info you should read.]

1. if you locate a terror spawner make sure to destroy it to get random items(acts as a chest), and a very rare chance to obtain the power staff (xx% chance) Terror Spawners also Spawn Terrors, so be carefull!

2. Killing Any of the Royal Princesses will summon (2) Royal Guards and attack you

2.5 Killing a royal Queen has a (9%) chance to spawn 5 royal guads and a (100%) chance to spawn a royal princess and 2 Royal guards

3. Elemental Tools are made exactly like vanilla tools

4. Power Staff is only obtained from breaking Terror Spawners

5. Killing the royal queen gives you a small chance of earning awesome and powerful loot!


Special Thanks

PlanetMinecraft (mob textures) , Yusanis (Getting me Motivated)

Mcreator (making it possible) , Klemen (Made mcreator & good friend)

all users (who downloaded and rated 10 stars!)

Modification files
FOTW_0.0.4.zip - A great RPG styled minecraft mod that adds in allot of new items.Uploaded on: 11/18/2016 - 22:46   File size: 445.73 KB

More like pisscraft. I like the RPG aspect but this mod doesn't really add the environmental feel. The skins are copied off of other users or are just downloaded from some cheap skin editing website. 4/10

Nice job on the mod and the textures. This could be one of those mods that can constantly be updated and keep getting better. Maybe you could add more enemy mobs or more structures. Both are suggestions.

How'd you do the spoilers in your description. Just with HTML?

Mod of the week! Wow, I didnt think I was gonna get it. :), Since i got it and it will be up for a week, Im re-making the whole mod... (because I deleted it) but also Now i can make it better.

mcreator is pretty unstable right now, thats why i don't even make mods anymore. Its a shame that your mods gets these bugs too

@#8 One of these days I just want to go through MCreators every nook and cranny and wright down everything that is wrong with it and post here so it can get fixed, But you have to think on Klemens side he works on this amazing program by himself and when minecraft updates he has to work hard just to keep the program up with minecraft and minecraft has 100x more people working on it. So either he could go through and fix every problem and have the most stable mcreator version in history but be behind minecraft by a lot of updates. or he can fix issues and update and stay 1 step behind minecraft. the one thing im waiting for though is Slot GUI's.

@#8.1 Oh wow, i thought klemen had a team of like 4 people helping him at the same time. Hes a genious for doing this all by himself or his self, however its written.

These people should stop askin for MCreator for newer minecraft versions, so klemen can focus more on bug fixing and adding more features. Who plays the newer version anyways?

Great mods they are getting better when people dedicate more time to them

Nice mod dude! I'm working on a mod now that's based completely on the fact that you can be a witch in Minecraft (potions), but not a wizard. Keep adding things to this mod and thanks for your work in the forums and such! (P.S. Thanks again for the Double Vanilla review)

@#6.1 Thanks I appreciate it and no problem its fun doing mod reviews, Just wish my computer was better for recording. kind of weird it cant handle a game like minecraft while recording. :/ Im actually working on a new mod (mainly textures) untill next mcreator gets released. its called (Zomibecraft) im sure you can guess what its about. Just hopefully I can actually finish it.