Dwarven Weapons and Armour's (New) (V1.0)

Published by ImmBasic on Fri, 05/01/2015 - 02:33
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Dwarven Weapons and Armour's (New) (V1.0)

- Adds in new Blocks,Items and armours/weapons to the game!

All items that have been added are listed as followed :

-Dwarven Metal Armour

-Dwarven Metal Weapons

-Dwemer Metal Ore

-Dwemer Metal

-Dwarven Metal Ingot



The recipes are the normal recipes for items  such as Weapon's and Armour's but you need to use Dwarven Metal ingots

(Dwarven Metal Ingots can Obtaind by mining Dwemer Ore and receiving Dwemer Metal

which can be smelted to create Dwarven Metal Ingots)

(Same With Hoes as well!)




-This Mod was created 80% with Mcreator  (80% because i created the Textures)

-Also THIS MOD IS STILL IN ALPHA (I will improve it and release a Beta VERY SOON

-This mod will be constantly Updated adding more stuff and fixing some things

but please keep in mind that it is still Version 1.0


Please look at my site for Copyright/Contact Info : //imtwobasic.weebly.com/


 ©  Copyright ImTwobasic Mods. All Rights Reserved.

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