Elemental world mod

Published by Youpmaloen on Sun, 05/03/2015 - 14:06
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In development
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a mod with overpower tools just right clixk and boom your buff!!

very easy to make so go ahead and make a sword or a pick axe.....



arent you done yet???? you say its hard???

smelt  blu dye in the furnace and boom you got ur sword

this mod inckudes biomes tools and structures [go ahead and download this mod now so you can stop reding this]

you have to explore destroy bosses and tons of ores....


o wait i didnt ay you tis is beta only 1 tool so far so go ahead and stop reading and dowload the mod now 

Modification files
Elemental mod 1.0.zip - a very early mod with a easy sword and tools to make dyes and emeralds wil never be so usefull then now11.53 KB