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Hey guys this is my first mod so im sorry if you find any bugs. If youve found bugs tell me please ill be right on it to fix them!


Well bassicly what this mod adds is some decorations that can be used to cook food in an instant or give you infinate water/lava!


Decorations without uses:

Table : Just looks nice

Plate : Also looks nice

Candle : lights up a little bit

Sideboard : Decoration only

Floor : Also for decoration


Usefull Decorations:

Sink : if clicked on with a glass bottle/ bucket will fill it with water

Crucible : If clicked on with bucket fills it with lava

Stove : Will Cook: beef, chicken, porkchop and fish in an instant

Fryer : Fryes Chicken and fries in an instant




Bottled Fat : Used to craft candles

Raw Fries : Unfryed food 

Fries : Food

Fryed Chicken : A little better than normal cooked chicken


Planned Things: 

No Planned Things Yet! (Please Tell Me What You Would Like To See!)


Sorry That Theres no crafting recepies on this page! Its Becouse I am planning to make alot of stuff for this mod and else i would have to make a image for all that.


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