Diamond Dimension

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There are alot of Diamond Dimension mods out there but i just made this one for fun and i hope you guys like it! Also to make diamond portal you make the shape of a nether portal but out of diamond blocks. To light the portal use the Diamond Flare. To make the diamond flare you put 1 diamond block on the bottom middle slot in the crafting table and then you put 1 more diamond block on the second middle slot in the crafting table. Then on the top middle slot in the crafting table you put 1 diamond (Not a diamond block, And not a diamond ore) Also The picture you see of a diamond dimension is not mine i just found it because i needed to add a picture creds go to who ever made the picture. 

Modification files
Diamond Dimension (By BlueFire178!!!).zipUploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:22   File size: 46.28 KB