Moonlight mod

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How to craft the moonlight potionThis mod adds a trident, a dimension, an ore, a block and more! (currentlyhere is no crafting recipe for moonlight block, therefore you cannot travel to the dimension in survival, sorry:( )

crafting recipes:




Modification files
moonlight mod- 1.7.10.zipUploaded on: 08/12/2015 - 11:48   File size: 75.69 KB

Bad news! Because I made this mod on my old laptop I no longer have the files :( I cant update it...
But I can recreate it ;)...

could you add some weapons plz! i play the mod but there are no weapons! if there are i can not
get them on my pc????

Could you please update this mod with more items and blocks. Also add crafting recipe to the dimension blocks please. Then it would be epic