Ores and Mobs Extravaganza!

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This mod adds in new 9 new ores,2 new types of stones, 6 new mobs... And much more! I will recommend you to use NEI (not enough items) to show you the recepies.




Arsenic (you can make tools)

Sulphur (used of special crafting)

Cinnabar (used to craft cinnabar bricks and also special crafting)

Orpiment (used for special crafting)

Vivianite (rarest ore, used for making tools and special crafting)

Williamsite (used to make tools and armor)

Silver (exactly the same use as gold)

Realgar (used for special crafting)

Copper (used for special crafting and make armor)



Gabbro (black stone, can be polished)

Leucite (beige stone, can be polished and can make bone meal)



Army Zombie (20 health and 3 denfense, can drop a army helmet and an RPG)

Fungal Zombie (20 health, can drop mushrooms)

Smiley Spider (16 health and 1 defense, can drop orpiment and williamsite)

Possessed Armor (20 health and 15 denfense, can drop iron armor and a iron sword)

Desert Cow (12 health, can drop sulphur)

Beach Cow (10 health, can drop fish and runs very fast)



Pistol (deals 6 damage, needs bullets)

Revolver (deals 9 damage, needs bullets)

Rocket Launcher (deals 5 damage + normal explosion, need rockets)

RPG (deals 9 damage + big explosion, needs rockets)

Flare Gun (deals 1 damage + fire, places a flare that glows, needs flares)



Fake Golden Apple (does nothing after consumed, does not even give you hunger)

Fake Golden Carrot (same thing as the fake golden apple)

Silver Carrot (fills 3 units of food)



Poison Trap (poisons you)

Electric Trap (contstanly does damage to you)

Mines (there is a sand mine and a grass mine, explodes when stepped on)

Heal Block (heals you)


That's pretty much the mod



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