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Infinitia Mod is a modification made by DeLuneV (me),​ it's about begining with small and going high, until you get the OP stuff!

  It takes time to get all of them! The tools are the most expansive of all!   You start with making a 'Basic Fragment' made out of dirt and cobblestone, sounds pretty easy huh?   Now you create with it a 'Advanced Fragment' made out of a 'Basic Fragment', Lava, Redstone and Coalblock.   With this, you create the 'Mega Fragment' made out of 'Advanced Fragment', Diamond, Goldblock, Obsidian.   With this you create the 'Infinitia Fragment' made out of 'Advanced Fragment', Diamondblock, Obsidian.   With the 'Infinitia Fragment' you can create blocks. You have right now 4 different colors to "chose".   Also you can make with them the OP tools, every tool but a Hoe, because who want's to waste his things for a Hoe, doe? :D   I hope you try out my Modification! :)   If you have any suggestions, like what you want to be added, tell me in the comments!   ~DeLuneV
Modification files - Infinitia 1.0.0 - minecraft 1.8Uploaded on: 09/11/2015 - 18:41   File size: 85.6 KB