Myths & Mortals Mod

Published by TheOwster on Wed, 10/14/2015 - 16:35
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Myths & Mortals Mod


Welcome to the Myths and Mortals mod!

This mod brings a wide variety of mythological aspects to your Minecraft world, from battling oversized cyclopes or the famous gorgon medusa you will see your world come to life with these new additions. We hope to include a variety of mythology like Greek, Egyptian and Norse so any further ideas and feedback is welcomed.



New Mobs

New Materials

New Tools & Weapons

New Items

New blocks

New dimensions


Check out more images and information here on the Wikia page:

[The mod is still relatively new therefore keep an eye out for further updates with more content!]

Version 1.0.0 adds the Rivers of the Underworld ores to your game, along with their retrospective ingots, tools and weapons. You will also be able to access the God tools via creative mode however these may change.





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Cool mod dude I liked it!One tip:try to add imagens of your mod in the description to let people see what they truly are going to download :)