The Tid-Bits Mod : "Adding More To Your Minecraft!!"

Published by voxTHX on Wed, 11/11/2015 - 16:56
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In this mod there Are small things added to the game! Like foods, minerals, And armor!

I appologize, I couldn't figure out to add images to my desc,

comment down below if you know how and I will add recipes and images!

What this mod adds:


-Apple Pie

-Golden Apple Pie

-Chicken Pot Pie


-Relic Helmet (Necklace)

-Relic Body (Rings)

-Relic Leggings (Kneeguard)

-Relic Boots (Horseshoe)



-Ruby Ore



-Pea Plant (Naturally grows in plains)

Other Food:

-Candy Apple

-Caramel Apple

-Bucket Of Caramel



-Bucket Of Sugar


This is my first Minecraft modification I hope you like it!

Modification files - Latest ReleaseUploaded on: 01/15/2017 - 23:53   File size: 72.51 KB

I case you were wondering the next update is planned to add more items and achievements! ! !

Need Recipe Help?
Contact me or comment!


My appologies, my MCreator has corrupted all of the objects in my workspace, I will try to add them again, sorry!