Glowstone Plus Mod v1.0

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Welcome to the Glowstone Plus mod page!!! I made this mod because I've always hated the fact that Glowstone doesn't have much use, while it is pretty hard to get. This mod makes Glowstone more useful by adding tools and armor. But not your average tools and armor, because both have special effects and uses!! P.S. I couldn't get the images to work, meaning that the crafting recipes won't be shown on this page. I'm sorry :(

To create anything in this mod, you first have to craft a Glowston Ingot, because these will be used to craft all the armor and tools. To craft a Glowstone Ingot you need to put 9 Glowstone in a crafting table and BAM!!!!!!! You've got yourself a Glowstone Ingot. You can craft Glowstone Bricks by putting 4 Glowstone Ingot in a crafting table. Glowstone Bricks are stronger than normal Glowstone and glow(duh).

You can craft Glowstone tools and armor just like you would any armor or tools, but with Glowstone Ingots. Both armor and tools are better than Iron but worse than Diamond. Glowstone tools give anything you attack with them Blindness and Slowness for 3 seconds. Glowstone armor emits light will you wear any piece. The armor is still W.I.P. and a little bit glitched, I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

You can also craft Glowstone Apples by surrounding a Golden Apple with Glowstone Ingots. Glowstone Apples give Night Vision, Regeneration 3, Fire Resistance and Speed 2 when eaten.

That's everything this mod has to offer at the moment.I hope you guys enjoy it!!!

If you've found and/or made a Mod Showcase please let me know.

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Im having an emit light issue, as is i cant figure it out. i want to add it to my new helmet while; its in my hand, dropped on the ground, or worn on my head. would you mind helping me out, please? from the descryption of ur mod. it sounds like you figured a way out of the same dilemma.

i have never done code before. and even the procedures are a bit confusing. and NO ONE has made a comprehensive video yet, that i could find. all i have found are videos that dont show what i need or say things that is either obvious to everyone but a guy who grew up without a computer or a real computer class. or they say things that NO ONE understands just because they can to flaunt false superiority.

hmm sound nice though.....but I prefer smelting glowstonedust into glowstone ingot. that will be better.

glowstone not only can used in armor and tools,in my opinion,maybe mixed with sugar,redstone and gunpowder.