Marcos Mod by MarcoPolo0306

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No more versions of this mod will be realeased. I will make new mods later though! I will put the links to the new mods in the discription of this mod! *The older versions of the mod will still be avabile)

Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version

Add more things to the mod. And also update to the latest Forge version, the 1.8.9 one. By the way I'm downloading the mod.

@BetOfficial I will keep adding stuffs, so keep up-to-date!

LemonShugarz, please do! And, once you are finished with the review, send me the link of the vid! I will add it for the mod review (:

Please Make Update (: Nice very mod

One sec, hold up... I am going to skip a few versions (1.0.5-1.0.9) to 1.1 because I have planed a BIG update!

Sand and gravel tools? Because wood and stone are't easy enough to get?