H399's Defqon.1 Hard Discs MOD + GitHub repo

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I think is the first MCreator mod with CUSTOM MUSIC DISCS!! If not, anyways it's the first mod with UNDERWATER OCEAN STRUCTURES!!

What's "Hacheipe399's Defqon.1 Music Discs" mod?

It's a mod for Minecraft 1.8.9 made with MCreator based in world's biggest Hard Dance festival Defqon.1 Weekend Festival which add 12 new records, including the virgin disk (base for disk's crafting) and a speaker where play those records!

Go to the end of the page to read the FAQ and get the downloads because the audio comes separately to reduce file size.





Deep Ocean Structure

Chest Loot

Description of the mod

All the records have a dark red point, so you can notice which discs are from my mod. All the records are clasified by colours. I recommend to have the crafting recipes always in hand, or use tools like NEI to see all the recipes of each disc. Because there might be confusion about colours in crafting. For example: to craft the Magenta disc you need to use the pink dye, and to make the Purple disc you need to use the magenta dye. That's confusing, but I need to colour the discs in a different way than Minecraft because each musical genre of the discs are clasified like the stages of the Defqon.1 Weekend Festival, which is the theme of the mod.

Some records have similar colours: magenta, purple and UV discs in one side, Silver and White in other side and so. You can notice which disc you're using by the extra information of the item, which tell the genre in coloured bold and the name of the track below:

Disc extra info

I tried to make the records play on the standard jukebox of Minecraft, but I can't get them work. So that's the reason why I added a custom speaker for those new discs. The goodies: you can play music indefinitely, even if the block breaks!!!!!!

Mod Speaker

If you want to listen to all the Defqon.1 music, but the discs of my mod aren't enough, you can listen to the mixes of the colours!!!

The Speaker

Speaker Crafting

The main element of the mod. With this block you can play all the discs of this mod. We need this speaker because jukebox doesn't support harder sounds, so the jukebox is a soft electro house listener :P

The Virgin Disc

Virgin Disc crafting

This is the base to make all the Defqon.1 records. By now you need 4 iron ingots and 1 ender pearl. Then it will be less expensive, but you can make 5 discs by once!

The colours of Defqon.1: BLACK

Black disc crafting

Genre: Hardcore.

Crafted with an Ink Sac, the Black Record will offer to you the most fresh Hardcore sound, the hardest and oldest Hard Dance genre.

The colours of Defqon.1: BLUE

Blue Record Crafting

Genre: Raw Hardstyle

Crafted with an Cyan Dye (confusion mode: ON), the Blue Record will offer to you the hardest side of Hardstyle music.

The colours of Defqon.1: BROWN

Brown Record Crafting

Genre: Tekstyle

Crafted with cocoa beans, the Brown Record will offer to you a modern version of the classic Jumpstyle, which is called Tekstyle and is getting mainstream in the EDM world!

The colours of Defqon.1: MAGENTA

Magenta Record Crafting

Genre: Oldschool/Early/Old/Real/True Hardstyle

Crafted with a pink dye (confusion mode: ON), the Magenta Record will offer you the old and true sounds of the Hardstyle music.

The colours of Defqon.1: INDIGO

Indigo Record Crafting

Genre: X-TRA RAW Hardstyle

Crafted with a lapislazuli, the Indigo Record will offer to you the HARDEST sounds of nowadays Hardstyle music.

The colours of Defqon.1: GOLD

Gold Record Crafting

Genre: Gabber (Oldschool/Early/Old/Real/True Hardcore)

This one is more expensive 'cause it's crafted with a gold nugget. Why? Because old is gold! The Gold Record will offer you the hardcore from the 90s.

The colours of Defqon.1: RED

Red Record Crafting

Genre: Hardstyle

Crafted with a red dye, the Red Record will offer you the sounds of nowadays hardstyle, not oriented to melodic, not oriented to raw. The track of this Record is like a modernization of old hardstyle.

The colours of Defqon.1: UV

UV Record Crafting

Genre: Euphoric Hardstyle

The hardstyle was melodic since 2007, so this genre is the melodiest and "feely" side of Hardstyle music. Crafted with a purple dye (confusion mode: ON), the Ultra-Violet Record will offer to you the best melodies on hardstyle world.

The colours of Defqon.1: WHITE

White Record Crafting

Genre: Subground House

Crafted with a bonemeal, the White Record will be the choice of the players of the mod. Electro House, heavy basses, techno sounds and hard stuff conform the Subground genre.

The colours of Defqon.1: PURPLE

Purple Record Crafting

Genre: Hard House

In Defqon.1 Festival, the Purple Stage is for newcomer hardstyle DJs, but in this mod there are too much hardstyle, so I added special genre which is getting mainstream also: Hard House which is a combination between Big Room and Raw Hardstyle. Crafted with a magenta dye (confusion mode: ON), the Purple Record will be the main choice of the players.

The colours of Defqon.1: SILVER

Silver Record Crafting

Genre: Crossbreed

Crafted with a light grey dye, the Silver Record will offer to breakbeats and hardcore lovers the best sounds ever: Breakcore, Drum & Bass, Industrial Hardcore, all in a single package called Crossbreed.

The colours of Defqon.1: YELLOW

Yellow Record Crafting

Genre: Terrorcore

Crafted with a yellow dye, it becomes a very easy object to make. Listen to its music under your own risk.



Why too much hardstyle?

Well because Defqon.1 is a hardstyle festival. I asked me that before, that's the reason why Purple Record includes Hard House and not hardstyle again.

How did you make custom discs on MCreator?

Simply: using standard events and conditions on MCreator 1.6.5, but you need to do some extra things to make the sounds work. Plus: I have a problem with the UI: some buttons, texts and controls aren't visible, and that didn't stop me on the making of this mod!

Does this mod add only discs?

No, it adds some extra stuff which has nothing to do with Defqon.1. Those are:

  • Underwater sea weeds.
  • Palm trees on each beach.
  • A new biome.

Why does this mod include non-Defqon.1 stuff?

Because this mod is part of my biggest work: HACHEIPE399 IN YOUR LAWN RELOADED! That will be a remade version of my first mod: Hacheipe399 in your lawn [1.5.2].

Why does audio come separately from the mod?

Simply: to reduce the file size. You can download the 231KB file from this MCreator page and then the audio zip below. If not, you can download the big zip file including the music from my MEGA space. WARNING: The big mod file will be removed in a future because it's hard to upload an update of the mod with all the music included.

Are the songs copyrighted?

Yes, but there is no copyright infringment because all the tracks included in the default music pack are free releases offered by the respective authors. So there is no problem using, downloading and distributing this mod with the default music pack.

How can I move audio files to the zip?

That depends on what's your system and the software you use to manage zip files. I think most users with WinRAR and Windows can drag & drop the audio files into the assets/defqonharddiscs/sounds folder of the opened zip. Another way to do is extract the zip, move the audio files to the sounds folder and then compress all the files again. The easiest solution is download the big zip file included below.

How can I make my own music pack?

It's easy. Each audio file has a colour as name. So if you want to replace the music of the Yellow Record, you need to have a "Yellow.ogg" file and do the same process to add audio into the sounds folder of the mod. You can replace 12 files, which they're:

  • Red.ogg
  • Blue.ogg
  • Yellow.ogg
  • White.ogg
  • Black.ogg
  • Magenta.ogg
  • Gold.ogg
  • Silver.ogg
  • Purple.ogg
  • UV.ogg
  • Indigo.ogg
  • Brown.ogg


The source code is released under the license LGPL v3, which let's you:

  • Read the source code.
  • Modify and use the source code as you want if you give credits to the author (me).
  • Distribute the code or compiled versions of the code. For example: including my mod in modpacks is allowed.
  • Make mod showcases (no matter if you monetize the videos or not). You must give credits to me and provide the link to this post.

EDIT: now there is no workspace file to import, instead you can see my project in my own GitHub repo!! That repository isn't only about this Discs mod, is the source code of my next mod: Hacheipe399 in your lawn RELOADED!!

Download source code

Download music pack

Remember to follow the instructions of the last answer of the FAQ section or the README file included.

Download button

Download my other mods!

Released a tutorial to add loot to your chests!!


Comment if you want the source code! I'll upload a workspace file to import to your MCreator to see all objects!

Support me and comment, rate, share and make videos about this!

Modification files
DefqonHardDiscs12.zip - Update 1.2 of the mod!245.07 KB


Make sure you have permission to use the music you offer in your mod. Otherwise we might have to remove this mod as we don't allow posting content of others without their permission here.

@#4 Yeah, I'm aware of that. The goodie is that the download offered through this page doesn't include audio, that's in an external page. Anyways now I'll update the mod to allow users add their own music to the discs and the recommended music pack will include only free tracks from the artists (as some of the tracks already included).

Nice Idea!
and you really worked hard for your description I guess :P

@#5 haha I think the harder work was creating each one of the discs. Because too many events and things... And then spend days and days trying to put items in a generated chest :P Thank you! And Welcome to the harder styles ;)

Wow that's really nice :O

I read your tutorial about looting chests, but there's a way to not fill all the slots with items?