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Hey guys! It's Omer066, and I made a new mod called: "Mo' Commands". What is this mod you ask? This mod adds more commands to your Minecraft :D What commands it adds you ask?

-/clearinventory, Clears your inventory!

-/arrow, Shoots an arrow!

-/damage, Damages you!

-/lightning, Summons a lightning!

-/survival, Changes your gamemode to Survival!

-/creative, Changes your gamemode to Creative!

-/adventure, Changes your gamemode to Adventure!

-/spectator, Changes your gamemode to Spectator!

-/explosion, BOOM!

-/overworld, Changes your dimension to The Overworld!

-/nether, Changes your dimension to The Nether!

-/end, Changes your dimension to The End!

-/day, Changes the time to day!

-/night, Changes the time to night!

Hope you enjoy it, bye!!!!!!

Do /fart for the lols ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Modification files - Le ModUploaded on: 12/22/2016 - 23:18   File size: 1.36 MB

Looks like a cool mod! I havent tried it. When i was thinking what mod to make i thought about making a mod like this but then i made the mod i have now.