The Ender Mod

Published by Stoney217 on Mon, 02/29/2016 - 12:01
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Minecraft The Ender Mod

The Ender Mod is made for 1.7.10 and is currently in beta 1.2.0, any ideas will be accepted if they are based around the mod and aren't stupid or copied things from other mods.

I do have skype if you would like to get in touch to ask if you can help make this mod my skype is George Stone (Anything is legal when theres no cops around).

Things I've added:

Endrium, Pure Endrium, Endrium Dust, Pure Endrium Dust, Ender Gem, Charged Ender Gem, Endrium Pickaxe, Pure Endrium Pickaxe, Endrium Stick, Pure Endrium Stick.

To start off you will want to smelt some Ender Pearls Then you will get a Ender Gem smelt a ender Gem to get 1 Endrium.

Then you will want to go mine and get alot of Endrium Dust and Pure Endrium Dust(Drops from Pure EndriumOre & Endrium Ore)

Those things you have added don't serve such a big purpose...

Well in the near future i plan to add a new Biome (The End of the worl) and a new dimension. I also want to add some  Mobs and More tools 4 New sets of armor (Or more) And a whole bunch more.

Why 1.7.10?

Because Most mods are made on 1.7.10 so it will be compatible with a modpack i am making for my personal use and maybe for the public (If i get perms from mod authors)

What mobs will you be adding?

I will probably be making Ender pigs and Ender Cows and all the original animals in Ender Form.

How do you plan to get this mod put up on the popular mods?

By being patient and keep updating to my mod.

Do you have anything to say to the creators of MCreator?

Yes i do. Like please may you add a nicer layout to what you have added than what it is now? Also create a tab for adding a crafting recipe book. and you should add a Achievements tab function!

Thanks for reading about my mod (Or if you just skimmed through it) 

Yours Truly,


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