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 This mod adds many Middle Ages Drinks and misc. items. Beverages: (Light, Moderate, Strong, Potent) Ale, Wine, Beer, Scotch, and Vodka. Brewing Barrels (Light, Moderate, Strong, Potent) To use barrels, get a empty mug in your hand, then right click the barrel to open brewing GUI.

MISC: Chicken Dinner, Pipe, Tobacco plant, Tobacco leaf, Smokable Tobacco, Tobacco seeds (idea from The Lord of The Rings Movies) To get tobacco, get seeds from a village blacksmith, use a hoe to farm dirt. Then right click farmed dirt. Break tobacco plant. Get tobacco leaf and put them in the furnace. Then lastly get smokable tobacco and right click on the pipe.

 Please post ideas in the comments, I'd love them!

PS: Do not drink any beverage with alcohol. It is very harmful to the human body. In the middle ages water was dirty, and they had to drink wine or die.

PSS: Do not smoke, Can cause many issues.

PSSS: For recipes use the NEI (Not Enough Items) Mod.

Have Fun!

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