Corrupted Blocks (WIP)

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Note: this mod is in WIP, more features are upcoming.

The mod add 6 Corrupted Blocks, 2 Corrupted Block Boss, 2 Block, and three Achivements



Corrupted Blocks



Damage: 1

Health: 5

Speed: 0,25

Spawns in Taiga



Damage: 2

Health: 10

Speed: 0,25

Spawns in Plains



Damage: 1

Health: 50

Speed: 0,25

Spawns in Desert


Red Sand:           (Boss)

Damage: 5

Health: 100

Speed: 0,25

Needs to be summoned. It Summon Corrupted Sand If touch the ground, when killed and when you rigth-click.



Damage: 3

Health: 15

Speed: 0,2

Spawns everywere.



Damage: 4

Health: 13

Speed: 0,19

Spawns everywere.


Mossy Stone:

Damage: 4

Health: 15

Speed: 0,35

Spawns in Redwood Taiga. Spawn a Corrupted Cobblestone after death


Mob Spawner:           (Boss)

Damage: 10

Heealth: 300

Speed: 0,1

Needs to be summoned. spawns cave spider (50%), zombies(10%) and skeletons without bow(15%) in fall. Spawns a blaze after death.


Summon Blocks


Corrupted Red Sandstone:

Summons the Corrupted Red Sand.

Crafted with (orded horizontally in a space of 2x2): Stone Brick, Leaves, Red Sandstone, and one Emerald.

Use: make a 3x3 X with 4xHardned Clay, 1xCorrupted Red Sandstone in the center, and one of Sand above the Corrupted Red Sandstone, then, rigth-click and the sandstone and the sand disapear, the boss spawn.


Corrupt Mossy Stone Block:

Summons the Corrupted Mob Spawner.

Crafted with (orded horizontally in a space of 2x2): Hardned Clay, Ice, Mossy Stone, and one Diamond.

Use(ATTENTION: you need a mob spawner, recommended to spawn the boss in one dungueon): make a 3x3 X with 4xMossy Stone, 1xCorrupt Mossy Stone Block in the center, and one MOB SPAWNER above the Corrupt Mossy Stone Block, then, rigth-click and the Corrupt Mossy Stone Block turns into normal Mossy Stone and the spawner turns into the boss.





v0.1: first version, added dirt, grass, sand and red sand corrupted blocks, two achiements and sandstone summon block.

v0.2 - Undergrond Update: added stone, cobblestone, mossy stone and mob spawner corrupted blocks, one achivement, and mossy stone summon block.

Modification files
Corrupted Blocks v0.1.jar - v0.1 - First beta, minimal features.Uploaded on: 07/04/2016 - 21:09   File size: 104.52 KB
Corrupted Blocks v0.2.jar.jar - v0.2 - Underground UpdateUploaded on: 07/05/2016 - 14:34   File size: 149.94 KB