Sweet Crystalium | 1.9.4/1.10.2 | 1.2.1

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                                                               Sweet Crystalium

Beat 4 Bosses.Get 4 Trophies. Make awesome tools and armor, explore new biomes and dimensions.

Sweet Crystalium is a mod made for a modpack but you can use it in your modpack or just by itself. It adds over 100 new blocks/items/mobs.

From Now On I am Going To Be Posting The Mod Updates and Downloads Here: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/sweet-crystalium/files

Version 1.2.1: Skin Fix

  • Fixed skins for biped modeled mobs!
  • (mcreator still uses 1.7 skins)

Version 1.2: The Purple Fix Update


  • Fixed many bugs in the 1.1 update
  • Meme Armor - Made For Katie By Katie, Has some random effects
  • Dank Meme Essence - Used in crafting, Rarely Dropped By Katie Boss
  • Crystal Creeper - Drops Crystals
  • Purple Gem - Get from Purple Ore
  • Purple Ore - Generates in Y 15-60, Drops 4 Purple Gems
  • Purple Bricks - 4 Purple Gems or 1 Smooth Brick
  • Purple Half Bricks - 1 Purple Brick
  • Purple Smooth Bricks - 1 Purple Half Brick
  • Purple Gem Block - 9 Purple Gems
  • Purple Log - Any Log + 1 Purple Gem
  • Purple Planks - Any Plank + 1 Purple Gem Or Smelt Purple Log
  • Black Tabby Boss - Its me! The Only Boss Who's Summoner You Can Craft!
  • Black Tabby Trophy - Handsome Little Guy
  • Black Tabby Summoner - Summon Me!
  • Cat Nip - Craft the Summoner!

Version 1.1: The Plus Update

  • Katiebelle Boss - Drops Katiebelle Trophy,Meme Essence and Rarely Dank Meme Essence
  • Solaros Boss - Drops Solaros Trophy
  • Terxin Boss - Drops Terxin Trophy and Helmet
  • Terxinite Warrior - Drops Quartz And Rarely Diamonds, Spawns in Terxinium Forest
  • iSolaros Summoner - Get it by breaking a Solaros Stone
  • Katiebelle97 Summoner - Get it by breaking a Katie Glass that generates in the air Y 135-256
  • Terxin's Helmet - Get by killing Terxin Boss
  • Solarium - Powerful Type Of Gem
  • Solarium Ore - Drops Solarium, Generates Under Y 10
  • Solarium Block - 9 Solarium
  • Solarium Tools and Sword -  Powerful tools but bad durability
  • Meme Essence - Dropped By Katiebelle Boss And Doge
  • Doge Mob - rideable, breedable with meme essence, drops meme essence
  • Fre sha vo ca do - Food
  • Candy Man - When right clicked on trades Candy
  • Terxinium Forest - Home Of Terxin And Terxinium Warriors
  • Solarium Dimension - Really expensive, 90 Solarium Gems (10 Solarium Blocks)
  • Solaros Trophy - Dropped By Solaros Boss
  • Katiebelle97 Trophy - Dropped By Katie Boss
  • Terxin Trophy - Dropped By Terxin Boss
  • Solaros Stone - Rarely findable under Y 15, When broken drops Solaros Summoner
  • Katie Glass - Generates in the air Y 135-256, When broken drops Katie Summoner
  • & biomes, achievements.

Version 1.0: Crystals And Candy Update


  • Crystal - Get it from Crystal Ore
  • Crystal Bow - Good Bow
  • Crystal Sword - Good Sword
  • Crystal Pickaxe - Good Pickaxe
  • Crystal Axe - Good Axe
  • Crystal Shovel - Good Shovel
  • Crystal Crusher - Crush Crystals To Get Crystal Powder
  • Crystal Powder - Used For Crafting Diamonds, Emeralds, Crystals
  • Crystal Armor - Good Armor
  • Crystal Grass - Just Grass
  • Crystal Dirt - Just Dirt
  • Crystal Block - 9 Crystals
  • Crystal Ore - Generates Under Y 35
  • Crystal String - Used For Crafting
  • Crystal Stick - Used For Crafting
  • Crystal Lucky Block - (W.I.P.)
  • Shop Keeper - Trade Diamonds For Crystals
  • Candy - Eatable! Get from Candy Leaves
  • Chocolate Bar - Eatable! Smelt Chocolate Dirt or Surround A Candy Powder with Cocoa Beans
  • Chocolate Block - 4 Chocolate Bars
  • Chocolate Dirt - Generates In Candy Dimension. Smelt to get a Chocolate Bar
  • Chocolate Grass - Looks like a Chocolate Block from the top!
  • Candy Biome - Generates Candy Stuff!
  • Candy Cane - Candy Log
  • Candy Cane Bars - Candy Planks
  • Cotton Candy - Candy Leaves
  • Gumball - A Golden Apple But Candy!
  • Lemonade (Liquid) - Lemonade is Fluid in Candy Biome
  • Chocolate Armor - Worse Than Diamond, Better Than Iron
  • Candy Powder - Sugar Around A Cocoa Bean
  • Candy Creeper - When r-clicked on gives cookies, when killed gives Candy Powder

You may use this mod in modpacks but leave credit to me and link to here!

If you make a mod review then leave a link in the comments!

Mod made with mcreator: https://mcreator.pylo.co


Some textures are from Sugarpack by Tjardo




Most of the crafting recipes are here: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/s2sasdy3rig38/Recipes


Mod Reviews


My Minute Mod Review:


SackBoyGamerYT's Review:


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Delicious! Can I eat everything from your mod?

Submitted by Everscream on Mon, 11/21/2016 - 18:41

Really nice textures m8! I hope to see more of em later from ya ;)

Err... exuse me, can you fix the Texture on the Candy? it is broken...

Made a Mod Review of this mod!

Thanks everyone! A big thanks to SackboyGamerYT!
Ill try to fix all bugs!

Can You add a little me? I powerful 5x more then your hardest boss, But i help the player. Also do my cube (If you Play geometry dash, Try to find Username "PlayDash". If you find it, Thats me.)