Creeper-related stuff

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Basically, this mod adds some more things related to Creepers.

There's not really much to it, but some of it is loosely based on this video:

Also here's some beta footage:

What this mod adds:

  • Minicreepers (Basically baby Creepers)
  • Scythe (Weapon that one-hits Creepers and Minicreepers)
  • Extremely rare structure (How you get the scythe)
  • Peat Moss (Moss that has a chance of either exploding ,or spawning a Creeper/Minicreeper)
  • Block that you can only get in creative mode. If you place it, make sure you gave yourself armor and a good weapon. (maybe also a bow)

Known Bugs:

  • The structure seems to be the rarest thing in the freaking universe
  • Minicreeper has a chance of surviving its own explosion and exploding multiple times (can't figure out how to fix this so...)
  • Block that you can only get in creative mode wont play the weird ,boss-fight style remix of that "Revenge" parody

The main reason why I'm publishing this now is so that I can delete the workspace and free up space to update my computer, so if this mod seems unfinished, that's why.

Project status
In development
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