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This mod adds very many things like:

phone used to summon mobs play sounds and order food

wire for making the phone

motherboard for making the phone

battery for making the phone

trashcan for geting rid of useless items

bronze ingot a bit better than iron

electricity for making battery

grenade like throwing TNT

bronze sword

bronze pickaxe

bronze axe

bronze shovel

bronze hoe

lightning block summons lightning when powered

bronze block

bronze ore smelt for bronze ingot

vender vending machine

NTN super TNT explodes instantly when powered summons particles

energy generator used to make energy

sandwich obtained from vender

minecoke obtained from vender

coffee obtained from vender

bronze armor




spring boots give jump boost

ball and chain gives slowness

boss summoner summons boss

wrapper obtained from candy

sticky tape used for Boxee

vinderstone trophy from boss

saw blade used for chainsaw

gear used for helicopter

helicopter fly on right click

sell for ordering

chainsaw can break trees very fast

flint and Whitestone for getting to the new dimension

Whitestone dimension frame made from Whitestone Warning entering may cause you to fall to your doom

sell ore for making sell

Whitestone block block with only 1 color

red Whitestone block block with only 1 color

blue Whitestone block block with only 1 color

Whitestone ore found in nether

chocolate fountain used to make chocolate dipped treats

boxee a small paper cube

smoothie maker for making juice

strawberry plant for getting strawberries

chocolate dipped strawberry on a stick obtained from chocolate fountain

chocolate dipped strawberry obtained from chocolate fountain

strawberry obtained from strawberry plant


strawberries on a stick

pizza obtained from phone

sushi box obtained from phone

bucket of grub obtained from phone

fast food box obtained from phone

bucket of soy sauce obtained from sushi box


and a new boss mob the creeper boss

its not very much but I hope you will have fun with it.

I would highly recommend to use the too many items mod because there are very many crafting recipes

Modification files
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