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Behold: several months in the making, the sequel to my moderately (pun not intended) popular first mod! Fight a new boss, encounter strange new End creatures and more! Feel free to suggest features.



  • The Final Golem, a new summonable boss with a one-hit-kill attack and insane health, who can be more easily killed with the Chainsword (see items). Hostile.
  • End Tanks, who spawn in the End and fire Ender Pearls. Hostile.
  • Eyebots, which attack Final Golems and End Tanks. Neutral. Spawn in the Fleshmetal dimension
  • Ender Guards, which are hostile and incredibly fast and powerful. Hostile.
  • Nether Skeletons, which are fast but very weak and have low health. However, they are also fireproof, so be careful. Hostile.
  • Eyeball, which spawn in the Fleshmetal dimension and drop eyeballs. Hostile.


  • Golem Summoner, which can be powered to spawn the Final Golem.
  • Bloodclimber, which spawns in the end and can reach up to 7 blocks tall. Applies Poison on contact.t
  • Rock spires, which drop Stone Chips (see Items section).


  • The Chainsword, an extremely powerful weapon. When crafted, it instantly has Silk Touch 10, Sharpness 10 and Unbreaking 10, on top of 10 damage. Only use it if you have to, as breaks after 10 hits
  • Eyeballs, which can be crafted with Pufferfish to create Spider Eyes and are dropped by Eyebots.
  • Iron Apples, which give the same effects as a golden apple only divided by 2.
  • The Coordinate Tracker, which tells you where you are.
  • Stone Chips, which can be crafted into Stone.


  • Flesh Metal Dimension, which you access with an Iron portal frame and the Rainbow Eye.


  • Rainbow Eye: Rose Red, Ink Sac, Dandelion Yellow, Cactus Green and an Eyeball (shapeless)
  • Eyeball: Fermented Spider Eye and Slimeball (shapeless)
  • Chainsword: Empty slot, Diamond Sword, empty slot (bottom row), empty slot, Redstone, Gold Nugget (middle row), Gold Nugget, Iron Ingot, empty slot (top row) 
  • Iron Apple:
    • 8 iron ingots around an apple
    • 8 iron nuggets around an apple
  • Coordinate Tracker: 8 red stained glass panes around a bucket of water
  • Stone: 9 Stone Chips
  • Spider Eye: Eye and Pufferfish (shapeless)
  • Golem Summoner: Stone Bricks, Redstone, Stone bricks (bottom row), Stone Bricks, Beacon, Stone bricks (middle row), Stone Bricks, Redstone, Stone bricks (top row)
  • 9 Dirt: ???
Modification files
wjbsnewcontentmodupdate1.jar.jar - Version 1.0.1 (check Changelog for more information)Uploaded on: 05/28/2018 - 16:49   File size: 252.21 KB

1.0.0: This is the first version. There are some errors (e.g Rock Spires having some texture errors, Eyebots spawning in the End), but I'm fixing them for the next release.

1.0.1: Bugfixes, new mob, new block, new item.

Good mod :D
But it doesn't make sense to give few durability to a weapon if it has insane unbreaking...

Wow! This mod looks amazing! Please add traps like spikes and stuff, because I'm giving you a programming secret. Make a plant called spike and set the chance of spawning with bonemeal zero and make it impossible to find in the wild. Set it so that it damages you when you collide. Make a way to craft it. Hope this helps.

Feel free to suggest features Please note that I won't use things from non-Minecraft sources (e.g FNAF) due to the mod being entirely original content, or any unused features (e.g Rubies) or features from the first mod (e.g Bleeding Stone) since those will be in WJB's NEW Content Mod: Unused Content Expansion and WJB's NEW Content Mod: Legacy Expansion.