Some Pets

Published by PRiKLN on Sun, 06/24/2018 - 14:08
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In development
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This simple mod adds pocket pets and two helpers

-Pet Guardian: give you a water breathing and night vision

-Pet Blaze: give you a fire resistance

-Pet Slime: give you a jump boost

-Pet Shulker: give you a resistance

-Pet Bat: give you levitation for 5 seconds (need right click)

-Hunter Chicken: kill all animals (like cows, chickens, pigs)

-Cute Pig: kill all monsters (like zombies, creepers, skeletons)

Not localizated

Modification files
SomePets 1.12.2.jar - Version KB

a tip for the thumbnails: use barrier blocks to cage the mobs; not cobblestone. this way we can see more parts of the mob, instead of said parts being behind cobblestone or other blocks.