Uncle Inventors Engineer Station

Published by JustJ71 on Sun, 07/15/2018 - 05:16
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You got mail! That's how it begins, where it will end no one knows. On the Brightside you have a Long Lost Uncle, his name you ask? Well it's Uncle Inventor ;)

Basically I'm testing things and had a idea for a Underwater Breathing Helm and a Night Vision Helm and to try my hand at making a crafting machine, this was my answer on the crafting process of the 2 items and the crafting machine.  Of course during the making of the mod I wanted to add different things and recipes but opted for the "basic" idea for now.

Uncle Inventor may someday be back but for now he has left his latest invention, the Engineer Station. 

To begin go to bed and then go from there ;) 

(Hint/Spoiler (kinda))  Need to use a Redstone Pellet on the Engineer Station to access its GUI.

Just to let you know (It was bugging me) the Engineer Station Recipe books recipes are supposed to look that way as it was just Uncle Inventors notes. (though it can be hard to align the text etc)

Modification files
Uncle Inventors Engineer Station 1.12.2.jar - If you want Underwater Breathing and Night Vision w/o the use of potions then here you go ;)958.23 KB