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This is my first mod.

The mod updates every Saturday.

Mod Items (For Now):

Rainbow Ore:A new ore found in the world used to make the rainbow items.

Rainbow Set: Helmet=5 Chest=9 Leggings=7 Boots=4

Rainbow Sword: Damage=13

Rainbow Spade: Efficiency=9

Rainbow Axe: Efficiency=9

Rainbow Pickaxe: Efficiency=9

Rainbow Hoe:Number of uses=1,926

Chisel Handle: Used to craft Chisel

Chisel Head=:Used to craft Chisel

Rainbow Gem: Drops from rainbow ore

Chiseled rainbow gem: When you put a rainbow gem and a chisel in a crafting area

Wolf's ore (blue): Another ore found in the world

Wolfs Armor Set (blue): Helmet=1 Chest=4 Leggings=2 Boots=1

Wolfs gem (blue): You can either smelt the ore or put the chisel and ore in a crafting area 

Spiked snowball: A snowball that hurts


If you find any bugs please tell me


Modification files
luckshrine v0.1.jarUploaded on: 07/19/2018 - 00:50   File size: 102.11 KB
luckshrine v0.2.jarUploaded on: 07/27/2018 - 21:36   File size: 119.01 KB

Made the rainbow ore rarer.