More Crafting Recepies

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Hey There! My name is JP!

Here are the things you can Craft in my Mod:



Black Concrete

Blue Concrete

Bottle o' Enchanting

Brown Concrete

Brown Mushroom Block

Chain Boots

Chain Chestplate

Chain Command Block

Chain Helmet

Chain Leggins

Coal Ore



Command Block

Creeper Head

Cyan Concrete


Diamond Horse Armor

Diamond Ore

Dragon Egg


Emerald Ore

End Portal

End Stone



Gold Horse Armor

Gold Ore

Grass Block

Grass Path


Gray Concrete

Green Concrete


Iron Horse Armor

Iron Ore

Lapis Lazuli Ore

Lava Bucket

Light Blue Concrete

Light Gray Concrete

Lime Concrete

Magenta Concrete

Magma Block

Minecart with Command Block

Monster Spawner

Music Disc 11

Music Disc 13

Music Disc blocks

Music Disc cat

Music Disc chirp

Music Disc far

Music Disc mall

Music Disc meholli

Music Disc stal

Music Disc strad

Music Disc wait

Music Disc ward

Name Tag

Nether Quartz Ore

Nether Star



Orange Concrete

Packed Ice

Pink Concrete


Purple Concrete

Red Concrete

Red Mushroom Block

Redstone Ore

Repeating Command Block


Soul Sand

Structure Void

Totem of Undying

Uncrafting Chain Armor

Uncrafting Chest

Uncrafting Crafting Table

Uncrafting Diamond Armor

Uncrafting Furnace

Uncrafting Gold Armor

Uncrafting Iron Armor

Uncrafting Leather Armor

Uncrafting Sticks

Uncrafting Wool

Water Bucket

White Concrete

Yellow Concrete

Modification files
More Crafting Recepies 1.1_0.jar - More Crafting Recepies Mod v. 1.0Uploaded on: 04/15/2019 - 21:14   File size: 72.52 KB
More Crafting Recepies 1.2.jar - More Crafting Recepies Mod v. 1.1Uploaded on: 04/16/2019 - 20:11   File size: 92.5 KB
More Crafting Recepies 1.3_0.jar - More Crafting Recepies Mod v. 1.2Uploaded on: 06/05/2019 - 20:13   File size: 110.62 KB

If you find any glitches, please tell me. This is my first mod.

I will make updates for this mod.

And tell me recepies you would like to see!

Hi! Can you help me? How did you do this Minecart with the Block inside? Could you donate your workspace to me to study the code through Mcreator? I'm creating a mod and it's just missing an entity that walks on rails like Minecarts

Version 1.3 Added:
-Grass Path! 3 Grass Blocks in a Layer and 1 Wooden Shovel On Top!
-Barrier! 3 Bedrock in a Diagonal Formation!
-Void Structure! 5 Bedrock In a X Formation!
-More Music Discs! 1 Dye in The Middle and 8 Stone All Around It! (Works with Magenta, Light Blue, Black, White, Red, Orange, Purple, Cactus Green and Sugar Cane)
-Music Disc 11! 1 Music Disc stal On Top of Shears!
-Monster Spawner! 1 Egg In The Middle and 8 Iron Bars Around It!
-Leaves! 1 Of Any Sappling In The Middle, 1 Shears Under It, and 7 Bone Meal In the Remaining Spots!
-Uncraft Anvils!
-Uncraft Slabs!
-Structure Block! 1 White Wool In The Middle, and 4 Purple Wool and 4 Obsidian in The Remaining Spots!

Version 1.2 Added:
-Uncrafting Crafting Tables, Chests and Furnaces! Place them anywere in your Crafting Table!
-Packed Ice! 9 Ice (Normal) All Over the Crafting Table!
-Uncrafting Armor! Now get your Materiald Back! (Only works on New Armor!)

Version 1.1 Added:
-Uncrafting Sticks! Now Place a 2x2 square of Sticks and get 2 Wooden Planks!
-Craftable Concrete! Take 1 Water Bucket, Place it on The Middle and 8 of Said Concrete Powder around the Water Bucket

How to Craft:
Diamond/Gold/Iron/Coal/Emerald Ore:
1 Stone in the Middle and 4 of Said Ore on the Stone's Sides