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Biomes And More is a mod that adds a whole new dimension - The Corruption - and many biomes and blocks to go along with it.


Corruption Base Blocks:   Corrupt Soil, Corrupt Grass, Corrupt Stone, Corrupt Ore Seams (Iron & Gold), Corrupt Sand, Corrupt Gravel and Aymmeridian (Gem) Based Blocks.

Rootwood Trees:    Rootwood (Wood & Log), Rootleaf (Leaves), and Rootmangler (Acts As Planks And Is Climbable).

Automation:    Autominer (Powered), Solidifier (Sand And Water To Slime [Needs Power]), and The Extractor (Stone And Power [Lava To Smelt Results]).

Plants:    Corrupt Flower (Makes Redstone & Corrupt Soup), and Burnweed Vine (Long Burn Time And Grows Up To 6 Blocks),

Other:    Cooled Magma (WIP), Respawn Pedestal (Corruption & Surface Only), World Spawn Block (Surface Is Best), and The Trader (WIP).


Tools:   Flint & Iron Knives (Shift + Right Click On Grass For Fiber), Aymmeridic Tools (Harvest LVL 8), Leather Pouches, and The Talisman Of The Gods (WIP but very OP).

Misc:    Unrefined And Refined Aymmeridian, Fiber (Obtained With Knives), and Glass Jugs.

Food:    Corrupt Soup (10 Nutrition & 1 Saturation), and Water Jug (Filled Glass Jug [Long Drinking Time And 5 Saturation]).

Armor Sets:    Aymmeridic Armor (Has Set Bonus Effects), and Cloak Of The Gods (Set Bonus: ?????? [Hint: Invincibility])

Enchantments:    Lightfooted (Negates Most Fall Damage, But Damages Armor [100 Block Falls Do 1-2 Damage]),

                            and Lava Wader (Places Cooled Magma Where Lava Should Be [WIP]).


Cluckenson: Like a chicken, but kills monsters (WIP) [Drops Raw Chicken And Has A Chance To Drop Feathers, Eggs, Or Rabbit Hide].

My Favorite::   Commands:


Has Ability To Set Gamemode (/g <s|sp|a|c>) or toggle between them (/g toggle <1|2|3>)[1 is all modes, 2 is C & S, 3 is C & Sp].

Can Set Gamerules ('/g r inv <boolean>' for keep inventory and '/g r <ruleName> <boolean>' for all other cases)

Can set HP (/g hp <value>) and Saturation (/g sat <value>).

Can Super Enchant (/g superEnchant <single|preset>):    Single:[/g superEnchant single <enchantment_name> <value>]

                                                                                            Preset:[/g superEnchant preset <Any|Bow|CBow|Armor|SilkTool|Tool|Trident|RipTrident>]

ALSO::  Each Individual Command Part Has It's Own Help Command (/g <any other arguments> <help|?>) And It May Correct You When The Syntax Is Deemed Invalid.




I would love to hear what you think about this mod as it is the first one where I am brave enough to post on the website. I will update this list with more facts and features when I have more time or if I add any new features. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know in the comments section and I will do my best to adress the situation. This mod also fits into multiple categories, so I chose other.




I have posted a video on my YT channel, featuring many elements of my mod.

Works With 1.15

All Recipes Can Be Achieved By Earning Advancements. I will add an advancement that adds all recipes within the next update.

The Talisman Allows Flight, But Has A Few Bugs Usually When It Tries To Stop/Start Flying.

I will update the page with more info when I have more free time, and I'm also open to suggestions for this mod.

Modification files
biomes-and-more-v.1.0.0.jarUploaded on: 11/05/2020 - 03:02   File size: 4.62 MB


Officially Released. There Will Most Likely Be Some Bugs And Some Other Things That I Need To Fix But It Is Stable.