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NEWS: 0.2 is out and all the armor has been replaced. I do have some bad new with this update though, i will be discontinuing Encrosion. I loved making the mod but ive strayed too far away from my theme which was the fungus, Ive had this thought for awhile because everything is not part of the theme and i added whatever came to mind making it a crazy land 2. I will work on smaller mods on things i wanted to make for now.

https://i.imgur.com/AsF2k8Y.pngEncrosion is a mod that adds many new mobs and many weapons,armor,and items to your game. Encrosion is meant to make Minecraft feel more interesting and exciting so when walking around you see a UFO flying around or a giant zombie could stomp on you or in the distance you see strange creatures infecting others also this mod will add variety to all common vanilla mobs and there will eventually be a quest too. I think this mod is really worth a try, if you find minecraft lacking in mobs or wildness, this will solve it.

*my idea for the story: A fungus called the encrosion is slowly spreading dissolving the land infecting animals aswell as all of the life around it so it is up to you to find the core and contain it before it becomes too out of control and the nuclear option is the last hope, but if contained from then on the core is a utility.also encrosion infected mobs will be able to infect most mobs in vanilla game.



*Bos Knight                                                                  
*Uganda Knuckles
a Alien*Bomber
*Brown Cow
*Blue Robe
*Cake Creeper
*White Cow
*Running Creeper
*Armored Creeper
*Ender Zombie
*Enclave Soldier
*Headless Zombie
*The Chicken God
*Evil Chicken
*Strange Robot
*Mad Zombie
*Camo Spider
*Aged Zombie
*White Rat
*Brown Rat
*Military Zombie
*Fire Creeper
*Irradiated Zombie                                                                 
*Red Shirt
*Cute Pig
*Infection Form
*Combat Form Carrier
*Elite Flood
*Masked Marine
*Flood Capsule
*Reach Marine
*NCR Ranger
*NCR Soldier
*Dead Marine
*Dead Reach Marine
*Rich Villager
*Body Guard
*Master Chief
*Soldier/5 varietys
*German Shepard
*Undead Creeper
*343 Guilty Spark
*Creeper Cat
*Possesed Cat
*Black Cat
*Black Cat 2nd form
*Enchanted Golem
*Walking Cat
*Green Watcher
*Giant Zombie
*Hazmat Zombie
*Encrosion Spore



*Scared Man


*Phantom and possesed Cow, Chicken, Pig

*Fish Master

*Fish With Legs

*Fish Minion

*Irradiated Skeleton

*T45 soldier

*Xo1 soldier

*Lizardoid :idea by Retlaw21

*Fish Master

*Fish Minion

Project members
Release type
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Encrosion 0.2.jar - 0.2 Newest Version6.93 MB
Encrosion 0.1_0.jar - 0.1 Old Version6.96 MB

Added*radiation skeleton and rad barrel and a liquid and effect

Added*ODST drop pod blocks a useable drop pod,and odst mobs and a random drop pod event

Added*new achievment land fish mobs and a 3d set of armor

[under this text is stuff from the last update]

Added*randomly spawning fruit trees and.           infected trees

Added*many improvements to many mobs

Added*some 3d swords

Added*nuke launcher with mushroom cloud        in explosion

Added*new textures and eating speeds to food

Added*some new blocks and misc items

Added* encrosion membrane, that can be used to mele a mob and it will turn that mob into the encrosion counterpart.

There's much more but I just forgot what