Resource Cows

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Resource Cows adds 22 brand new cows!

You can milk each cow for their respective resource but they aren't easy to get. To breed them you must get a block of the cow's resource type.
Milk the cows and convert it for resources!
More cows coming soon!

Craft the Guide Book to learn about the mod using a book and a milk bucket

Stone Cow
Coal Cow
Iron Cow
Gold Cow
Diamond Cow
Emerald Cow
Netherite Cow

Lapis Cow
Redstone Cow
Quartz Cow


Oak Cow
Acacia Cow
Birch Cow
Dark Oak Cow
Jungle Cow
Spruce Cow
Wheat Cow
Potato Cow
Carrot Cow
Apple Cow
Golden Apple Cow
Cake Cow

Compressed Stone Block
Compressed Oak Log
Compressed Acacia Log
Compressed Birch Log
Compressed Dark Oak Log
Compressed Jungle Log
Compressed Spruce Log
Potato Block
Carrot Block
Apple Block
Golden Apple Block

Guide Book (Crafted with a book and a milk bucket)
Resource Buckets for all 22 cows

New block in which you have you put your resource buckets in to get the resources the cow gives.

(would recommend a mod like JEI, and also consult the Guide Book)
Made in MCreator

Modification files
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Resource Cows 1.1
Quartz Cow Added

Resource Cows 1.0

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