Minecraft Reinforced Zombies.

Published by valomen114 on Sun, 05/19/2019 - 07:10
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The mod adds 6 mobs, 7 sets of armor, 1 new dimension, 1 new biome, as well as 1 new bow, 2 blocks, 2 food, 3 items and 4 new achivements.


Knight armor,

Light knight armor,

Reinforced leather armor,

Heavy armor,

Gilded knight armor,

Berserker armor,

Heroic armor.


Zombie knight,

Heavy zombie knight,

Zombie berserker,

Zombie punisher,

Light zombie knight,

Zombie archer.


Gloomy grove.


Fire bow.


Hardened diamond,

Hero stone,

Set to strengthen the armor.


Baked apple,



Titanium block,

Heroic ore.


Crafting recipes and the most necessary - 

Located in the mod file. Open the mod with winrar and open the folder - 
Open the mod folder and there will be a folder Crafting recipes and the most necessary.
You will find PNG files.

Mod>Crafting recipes and the most necessary.

I do not know English well so i could make mistakes in words.

This is my first mod. Good luck!





WARNING!Links to download new versions can be found in the changelog!



Minecraft Reinforced Zombies now comes out in the release version!

Version 1.0.


May update 2019.


2 mobs: Rotten zombie and Lost man.

1 new item: Heroic amulet.

1 new ore: Royal gold ore.

1 new armor set: Guards armor.



Patch from 05/29/19

4 new swords have been added:

1.Titanium sword.

2.Heroic sword.

3.Knight sword.

4.Guards sword.


All mobs have been weakened. Since they were too strong.


Zombie Punisher replaced with heavy armor.


Ores now appear in the world.




Mini update 31.05.19

5 new mobs have been added:

1. Snow zombie.

2. Fire zombie.

3. Charged zombie.

4. Supernatural zombie.

5. Zombie hunter.

This time the link works.

Download: https://yadi.sk/d/dbTPANG4zhkKvg