Endergirl mod!

Published by Arcturus on Mon, 03/01/2021 - 09:46
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Sorry for my bad English. I am from Russia.

This funny meme is take me idea to make this modification for Minecraft:

I have a great time to make this. It was so funny. 

About this mod:

This mod adding a new version of mob - Endergirl.

Endergirl has a basic Enderman AI. Health, damage is still same. In the next update i will improve ai and make new interesting things)

So, thats all. Ty for downlanding this mod.

Modification files

01.03.2021 v.1.0.0 Adding Endergirl in game

05.03.2021 v.1.0.1 Changing texture for Endergirl model