Muddy pig

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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Muddy pigs are a minecraft earth mob (rip) they shed mud balls witch are a evasive item you can throw and slow your enemies with and i also added mud patches witch are just a fun new liquid also you can tame them with carrots and potatoes also you can ride them without saddles and a carrot on a stick. This mod is compatible with my moobloom mod an also check out my mob vote forum post i need 3 developers to come up with 3 new mobs & game mechanics check it out by looking at my forum post or searching mcreator mob vote 2021. and that's really it for my muddy pig mod leave any bugs or feedback on the mod.

Modification files
muddy pig 1.16.5 forge.jar - oinkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk55.13 KB