TOM: Tons of Mobs Mod

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Welcome to the Tons of Mobs Mod!


The Tons of Mobs Mod strives to adds a little bit of everything for players who are getting bored of vanilla Minecraft.

This mod adds tons of brand new stuff, including:







-and of course...MOBS!

As this is my first mod, there will probably be some bugs, so please feel free to leave a comment down below!

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Use the Tons of Mobs Wiki (W.I.P.) to learn everything you need to know about the Tons of Mobs Mod!

Follow me on Twitter to stay up-to-date on info about the mod and sneak peaks of new features to come in future updates!

I might occasionally post YouTube videos as well, so why not subscribe to me there?

I will try my best to update the mod every month or so but do to irl stuff that might not happen. Either way, look back on the first of every month just in case.

Welp, I'm going to stop writing now, so see ya later!

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Hi, I am working on a mod with enchants, but they can not be obtained normally. A command must be used to get them, but this allows different mods to use them. I was going to make mobs that drop them, but I am not that good at creating textures. If you credit me, you can have your mobs drop them. The commands are on my Epic Enchants page. All you need is to have people install my mod with yours and add the commands under when mob killed. Just an idea. :)

This definitely sounds like a good idea! The Epic Enchants mod looks pretty cool. I could probably have some bosses in future versions drop them, or just rare drops from normal mobs. I might add it in TOM 1.2, and I'll make sure to credit you. :) I'll comment on your mod once I release it.