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My first public mod!

This mod adds more common mobs to the world:


  • Short Zombie: A short zombie that moves a little faster than a normal one
  • Tall Zombie: A tall zombie thay moves slower, but has more health
  • Annoying Zombie Head: Just a rolling zombie head...
  • Zombie Mite: Has a chance to spawn when killing a zombie, attacks and infects animals and players.
  • Zombie Log Ram: Two zombie holding a big log that run towards the player dealing high damage
  • Mite Basket Zombie: When killed, drops a basket of mites that spawns them over time
  • Creeper Lobber: Skeleton that grabs the neares creeper and throws it towards the player
  • Boulder Skeleton: Skeleton with a huge boulder that runs towards the player trying to crush it
  • Malicious Spider: Strong spider that deals more damage than a normal one
  • Mini Spider: Baby spider who is very fast, but very weak
  • Mother Spider: Big spider that shoots webs, spawns mini spiders upon death
  • Spider Nest / Spider Queen: Boss that controls a nest of spiders to defend itself

    There is also a utility item for operators: the Command Rod, it will execute commands on right click!

Modification files
world_of_mobs-1.0.0.jarUploaded on: 02/13/2024 - 18:49   File size: 422.27 KB
world_of_mobs-1.0.1.jar - Nerfed the spider nest/queen bossfightUploaded on: 02/15/2024 - 13:54   File size: 420.12 KB

World of mobs v1.0.0:

The first version!


World of mobs v1.0.1:

Nerfed the spider queen's HP to 300

Spider nest doesn't shoot spider eggs if not attached to the cieling

Weak Cobwebs now can be replaced (like grass)

Spawn rates of spiders from nests increased to 500 ticks

Have you tested this ona server as GUI input boxes most of the time don't work on server.