The Illager Expansion

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Welcome to, The Illager Expansion! I've made a Illager mod, adding four new mobs, and three new structures. Sorry about the lack of pictures, but I can't get my computer to screenshot.


Illager Priest

The Illager Priest is a illager that shoots spectral arrows at villagers, iron golems. and players. When it kills an entity, it spawns a vex. It spawns in a new structure, The Illager Church.



It makes ranged attacks with stone, and it spawns in Plains and in a new structure, The Geomancer Altar.



It makes ranged attacks with fire charges, and it spawns in the desert and the nether.



It makes melee attacks, and goes invisible for 30 seconds when hurt.


The Ravager Cage

The ravager cage is a new structure, spawning with 4 pillagers, a ravager, and a chest.

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Inital Launch

When I installed this mod, it turned out to be an entirely different mod called Dr. Squid's mythological mod (it added mimics and genies and stuff). I have no idea why this happened, but if it's intentional then the entire description here is misleading.