TOM: Tons of Mobs Mod!

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Welcome to the Tons of Mobs Mod!

The TOM Mod aims to add a little bit of everything for players who are getting bored of vanilla Minecraft.

The Tons of Mobs Mod adds new Mobs (duh), Items, Blocks, Dimensions, and More!


An update long overdue, I am excited to finally release it. I have so much planned for this mod so hopefully you'll stick around! Originally, I planned to release a new update every month... but that didn't happen. I decided that rather than having an upload schedule, I would just release the mod once it's ready because I am very busy irl and I want it to be great. Hope you understand and stick with the mod! :)


To get to the Pangea, build a Nether Portal frame, but out of Bone Blocks. The light it with a Flint and Copper.

To get to the Utopia, build a Nether Portal frame, but out of Purpur Blocks. The light it with a Flint and Amethyst.


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Hope you enjoy it! :)


Modification files
TOM_1.1.jar - Tons of Mobs Mod 1.1 for MC 1.12.2Uploaded on: 04/14/2018 - 20:52   File size: 1.74 MB

also forgot to tell you could upload your mod to this page is the most famous mod and you very good modes for those should be on this page
there is the link:

hello your mod is very good but add drops to the animals, you can have pet scorpions and you can ride the giraffes and ostriches
and improves the lion's roar

:O this mod's amazing, loving the custom modeled mobs. Can't make one myself :S always errors when i try to export. any ideas?

Could be a problem with the model or something else. I get errors when I try to export mobs with a space in the name. I didn't watch any tutorials or anything so it took me a while to get used to MCreator. Hope everything works out for you! :)

good mod but add drops to animals almost none will loose anything and kill them what is only spend my sword

How did you put your models in game? I am using Tabula 7.0.0 on Minecraft 1.12.2 and since I made the model and its texture, I can't put it in MCreator without errors.

Do you think you could give a download for the MCR file of this mods workspace?? I would love to toy around with it!