TOM: Tons of Mobs Mod!

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Welcome to the Tons of Mobs Mod!

The TOM Mod aims to add a little bit of everything for players who are getting bored of vanilla Minecraft.

The Tons of Mobs Mod adds new Mobs (duh), Items, Blocks, Dimensions, and More!


An update long overdue, I am excited to finally release it. I have so much planned for this mod so hopefully you'll stick around! Originally, I planned to release a new update every month... but that didn't happen. I decided that rather than having an upload schedule, I would just release the mod once it's ready because I am very busy irl and I want it to be great. Hope you understand and stick with the mod! :)


To get to the Pangea, build a Nether Portal frame, but out of Bone Blocks. The light it with a Flint and Copper.

To get to the Utopia, build a Nether Portal frame, but out of Purpur Blocks. The light it with a Flint and Amethyst.


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Hope you enjoy it! :)


Modification files
TOM_1.1.jar - Tons of Mobs Mod 1.1 for MC 1.12.2Uploaded on: 04/14/2018 - 20:52   File size: 1.74 MB

Congratulations great Mod, is certainly one of the best mods that ever left in mcreator, the mod provides a lot of adventure with a great variety of mobs, biomes and items ... the mobs were sensational, all with some peculiarity (own abilities, predators of other mobs, flying mobs), the biomes and new dimensions are also beautiful, providing a great adventure to the mod, new foods and lots of tools and armor ...
you could slightly improve the textures of the armor, leave a little different from the standard of the game, but apart from that, your model is simply perfect


Not saying anything, but while i have an animal (and industry) mod in beta, what comes out? An animal/Mobs mod...thanks life xD

Anyways...this mods just looks great! I would just aks you if i could do some animals in the future that will be similar to yours? I was kinda planning to add rhinos and maybe scorpions, and i am also asking this to whoever is doing an animal mod, just to make sure that they are ok with me making similar mobs to them.

Go ahead. I didn't invent scorpions. I actually took inspiration from several different mods for some of my mobs as well. As long as you're not stealing my models you can do whatever you want!

Also, pls tell me what your mod will be called, I would love to check it out!

Thanks alot :D Trust me, i don't even know how to take others mob's models so we're both fine. The mod isn't released for now, it will be released with the 1.7.9 version of MCreator, tho if you want some news of sneek peek, you can search "Ecoindustries Official Page" on google or even this website :D

Awesome mod! There are lots of mobs with custom models! This should be MOTW
Anyways, your name is the same of the mod (TOM) XD

This mod is awesome. It's clear you put a lot of work in this, and I encourage you to submit for next MOTW.