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Hi, my new mod is under development. I added new mobs like cetaceans or cephalopods. I decided to make this mod because Minecraft is very poor in cetaceans (Minecraft dolphins are Tursiops). But what do they eat? So I decided to add prey like cephalopods and krill as well.

I added some new features: Aquariophylia. Poecilia reticulata and some Carassius auratus are perfect for tour new aquarium! But, I must add some new recipes to let you build it. And now there are recipes too, so you can build your own aquarium in survival mod.

In total, there are four types of glass: Standard, Linea Azzurra made in italy, Extrachiaro and the PLEXIGLASS



Barnacle: Wait... IT CAME BACK FROM MOB VOTE 2017! (It's a cephalopod)

Barracuda: A neutral lone fish that can hurt players.

Beluga: A relative of dolphins, monodontidae family. It loves salmon.

Berardrius: Ziphius' larger relative, similar aspect, and AI.

Bird: Inspired by Kurzgesagt, here's a bird.

Blue Whale: The largest sea animal ever. And a bit cute.

Cachalot: A very large toothed whale. Its favorite prey is squids, giant suids, giant glow squids, and others.

Cuttlefish: like a squid. But smaller. And red. And when hurt it becomes invisible. (I'm trying to remake it)

Fiat 500: A small car coming from Italy. There are 13 different colors.

Flying deer: A massive black beetle singing "We all live in a yellow submarine", it can be fed with wood.

Flying Humpback Whale: This flying whale is inspired by the phantom and some memes... Sorry for the weird animations. :( (doesn't work in alpha 1.4.3 ... sorry)

Giant snail: Beautiful animal found in temperate and warm biomes, full of variants: Brown, Yellow, Albino, Blue, and Glowing.

Giant Squid: They fight against cachalots to avoid being eaten. They can hurt players.

Giant Luminous Squid: This extremely rare cephalopod doesn't appear to be hostile to players.

Guppy: Small fluvial fish. Their colors are wonderful and they're full of variants!

Luminous cuttlefish: "OH I FOUND A GLOW SQUID IN MINECRAFT 1.16.4 !!!" Perfect joke for other players.

Hallucigenia sparsa: An ancient lobopod that lived in Cambrian over 500 million years ago.


Humpback Whale: A huge whale that lives in groups around the world.

Krill: This small crustacean lives in large groups around the world.

Massive golem: A really big micro-golem's counterpart: Its high is two meters and a half and its width is five meters. This golem/robot/tank is OP too.

Micro-golem: You can spawn it using a robot base block and an observer. It's just a small iron golem... FROM THE INSTRUCTIONS CHECK THE CHANGELOG

Narwhal: The unicorn of the sea, beluga's relative.

Orca dolphin: Big playful (and bugged) dolphin.

Peel p50: A portable vehicle from England. (Electric version, except for the Zebra 3, Diesel)

Pilot Dolphin: Known as the pilot whale, but it's just a large dolphin.

Redfish: Or goldfish, they are full of variants: Gold, Albino, Orange, Red and white, Black pointed, and the extremely rare Blue. (Most rarely spawns the Glowing fish, they are not Neon fish but they are bioluminescent.)

Right Whale: This giant lives in icy, cold oceans. It can be tameable.

Sea bass: these small fish are perfect for a PADELLA.

Tullimonstrum gregarium: The original Dancing worm of Turkana, it's a prehistoric lamprey that lived over 300 million years ago.

Tuna: Massive fish that can be found in large groups in the ocean.

Vaquita: It is a very rare porpoise. You can tame it and should be able to ride it, PORPOISE FOREVER.

Wild axolotl: Wild variant of Minecraft 1.17 axolotls. People think they are cute...

Morphed wild axolotl: Complete salamander axolotl.

Ziphius: This rare bottle-nosed whale loves cuttlefish.

There are some mobs in development status like the brachiosaurus or the krill mass.



Krill: a dead krill shrimp. You can tame whales with this.

Whalespawner: I'm working on it. I'm trying to do a beta probe.

Whale Meat and Cooked Whale Meat: Blue whale meat is illegal and you don't have to eat it.

Cooked Krill: This little cooked shrimp can be eaten by a player but you can't tame whales with this food - they love raw food and sushi.

The Small pack: A piece of the whale watching kit, but I'm working on it: opening its inventory, for a few reasons, will crash your Minecraft world.

Whale Watching Kit: A portable box that can always be opened. You should use it if you want to watch whales.

Magic Bowl: It's just magic, nothing to see (really you can activate a secret portal made only with compact ice blocks).

Ice Krill Shooter: This weapon will be operational in PVP battles - more than one crossbow.

Arquebus: That's not an arquebus, but a magnet gun. Arquebus sounds cool.

BIG GUN: WATCH MONSTERS BLOW UP. (it doesn't blow up.)

Ice Krill: This prepared shrimp will be the shooter's ammo.

Barracuda: Raw barracuda, eatable.

Cuttlefish: A raw cuttlefish that can be cooked.

Sea bass: A dead sea bass. now you can cook it.

Branzino in padella: ...

Glowing cuttlefish: a raw cuttlefish that can be cooked.

Cooked cuttlefish: who doesn't like mixed fried food?

Cuttlefish Bone: It's pretty useless, but the reality isn't bad.

Sepia Bone Shears: Better than classic iron scissors.

There are extra items like mob spawner eggs and some cheats like superstick, only on creative mod.



Mysterious temple: This structure should spawn in plains and deserts.

Broken helicopter: Rare small structure, made out whit two blocks of iron and a diesel motor.


Sorry if the description is probably in Italian language because I have an automatic translator.

* IMPORTANT * Please don't use the same aquarium for males and females of guppy, if you don't want entire waves of baby guppies, thanks.

Modification files
ElFungo's mobs Alpha 1.7.6 -for minecraft 1.16.4-.jar - Add some things.Uploaded on: 12/03/2021 - 20:43   File size: 6.05 MB

New bug fixed: Flying whales will spawn only at night in the ocean. Some animations fixed, paintings.

New vehicles peel p50, orca dolphin, and narwhal.

Please don't put cetaceans in aquariums like fish because they can be scared.

Information: Use the helicopters at sea because they will not go up over y 80, thanks.

Please don't transform axolotls because you generate so much stress to the animal, thanks.

If there are any bugs (for example waves of transformed axolotls in the ocean) please check it for me, thanks.

Now openable cover pans DON'T work.

I published a prototype version of Alpha 1.6.4.


Craft a robot base block;

Place it;

Craft an observer;

Place it on the robot base block;

Rightclick the robot base block;

Use it versus the monsters.

!!!WARNING!!! They can be defeated by a bird.

!!!WARNING!!! The Barnacle can be weird.




Delayed another year, not because I'm lazy, but because there are other things crossing my existence status, like studies and making comics and Lego transformers.
*LEAK* in the beta there already are fireflies and fancy birch forests: I'm not stealing ideas from Mojang, I am just scavenging their trash can.

256 downloads! That means 2 with the power of 8. One of my favourite numbers, after 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048,4096...

I've been inactive for quite a long time, and I'll soon release a BETA version of my mod.
Currently, there are not things such as whales or dolphins, and I'm still working on it.
Some early features are enderman traders, abbandoned warehouses and some blocks like the shulker nest or the charger.
I'm working on big structures in desert biomes, like the SAND BASTION, and they are quite difficoult to add as a feature.
Good news: tungsten things are coming back.

A thing that you will not like too much is the shulker nest: found in desert structures, and, when a player come close to it, it breaks leaving around three shulkers.

But please download the last version of the mod, thanks. The last version is Alpha 1.6