Mo' Spiders Addon

Published by MatyasU on Fri, 11/27/2020 - 17:14
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this addon added 6 new spiders in the game, already has chance the spiders can hunt you down.


Dispenser Spider - a stone looking thing that not shoot anything else, maybe a spider that not shoot and maybe like cobblestone spider so sorry for name.

Spider Creeper - a looking big spider with a 4 legs, doesn't explode, a creature from elemental creepers mod or other mods that added this creature.

Nether Spider - a nether fire spider in nether looks weird, this maybe attacked by Magma Spiders, already fix that at later.

Friendly Spider - a spider with a saddle, is neutral-friendly that attacks dispenser spider, already fix that at later.

Magma Spider - a magma looking spider with disguise into a magma block, attacks only nether spiders and players, idk why already attacks nether spider already fix that at later.

Most RED Spider - a most red looking spider that already is red most thing, that attack you, not attacks other spiders only.

Fixes at later for 28/11/2020

Modification files
spider_test.mcaddon - test only, this is for survival or creativeUploaded on: 11/27/2020 - 17:15   File size: 29.3 KB

what's your favorite spider in this addon pls comment