Tales From The Bedlam

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Minecraft Forge mod
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This is a creature inspired by the Wendigo cryptid, to find this mob you must venture into the snowy forest and it will spawn as its base form [just a skeleton form] this form will seek out a pig or cow to satisfy its hunger. Once it kills one of the previously mentioned mobs it will go through its animation scene and the Reborn Soul Eater will spawn, this form has 6 stages until its death, once eliminated it will drop all the armor pieces with a 40% chance.

Remember to spawn it FEED the skeleton form a pig or cow

here is the animation scene https://imgur.com/a/0vUjqBK the video is very choppy but gives the general idea


Modification files
Tales From The Bedlam.jar - for version MB

updated to 1.15.2

Omg what is happening in the background of the first image! Also, love the concept hope u continue to expand

Everything in this mod is awesome, but how you do eating animations?

I already do a wendigo model this one is way better, how did you do the animation?? Anyway good work