Hollys Pikmin Mod

Published by Jilliton on Fri, 08/27/2021 - 13:20
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Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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Run around with your cute pikmin army as you dominate your minecraft world explore, kill, and craft the new items structures and mobs added.

this mod adds several mobs from the pikmin games 

as well as pikmin functions such as throwing pikmin to latch them onto your enemies.

Growing your own army.

And more.



Use R to cycle throw the pikmin you want to use

press C with a whistle in your inventory to whistle pikmin to your side.

Then When you want to dismiss your pikmin cycle to the colour you want and press M


join the discord for updates and quicker updates





*Added Pikmin pluck sounds

*Added Louie ,chef Louie and the president

*Added the work in pro puff min and shroom

*Added 18 new food

*fixed the red onion glitch

*Added the ship case

*Added NectarBottle

*Added Nectar

*Fixed moddle texture issue

*Wolly wogs will no longer kill rockpikmin and sprout them instead

*Added Pokos

*Added All Pikmin Gummys (dont eat white)

*added louies cooking

*AddedAnode Dweevil

*Added Knife

*Added dirt Slab

*Added Advencments for onions

*Added Tin And tincan slabs

*Added New Yellow Onion Spawn

*Added New mushroom Biom

*Added new blueShroom Block

*Added BlueShroom

*Added BlueShrom Gear

*Added blueshroom ore

*Added blueshroom bar block

*Added Dwarf Orange Bulbborb

*Added Dwarf Snowy Bulbborb

*Added Snowy Bulbborb

*Added Infected Bulbborb

*Added Infected Mamuta

*Added Arctic Cannon Larva

*Added Shroom Stool

*Added Orange Bulbborb

*Added malachite

*Added Chrysollaore

*Added Red Onion Spawn In Desert

*Added Yellow Onion Spawn In Desert

*Added Rock Onion Spawn In Desert

*Added Rock Onion Spawn In tundra

*Added Red Onion Spawn In tundra

*Added yellow Onion Spawn In tundra

*Added recipe for blender

*FixedNewWhistles not opening onions or waking them up


*replaced boulderTexture

*Cutting Borad blender and jucier block have been moved to the food tab

*Changed all modded block hit boxes

*Changed Spawnings

*Updated Tin can texture


*Updated ArmoredCannon texture

*Update blue onion spawn

*Blow Hog now spit there element

*Added recipe for cuttingbored

*Added Caustic Dweevil

*Added Fiery Dweevil

*Added Munge Dweevil

*Added Glow Shroom


*Added Trees now drop all fruits

*Added Nectar Egg

*Fixed Dyed Gloves from not working






*Fixed purples dont go in the onion(edited)

*AddedPair *Added cuttingBorad(NoUseYet)

*AddedLime *Added Trees now drop all fruits

*AddedLemon *fixed rock and pink onions have a texure bug

*Added HoneyWisp *Fixed pink onion glitch

*Fixed bulbborb meat from not cooking

*Added Blender(NoUseYet)

*Fixed onions not taking in pikmin mob drops

*PuffsTools are much rareer and now will turn all pikmin exept white to pufmin

*Fixed Juicer block from deleting items if you exit the ui


I've been looking everywhere for a pikmin mod! this looks so cool I am automatically giving you an upvote!