CS's Alien invasions

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Minecraft Forge mod
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What? Do you think that regular minecraft is "Too eazy"!? In that case THIS mod will pump up the difficulty!


- When you start, you have three days to prepare for first contact, after that aliens will attack in every five days

- This mod will have feature a couple of alien civilizations, that will attack you!

- Every attack from aliens will rise the "threat level", wich will affect attacking invaders, adding new enemies and replacing weaker ones!

- There will be unique loot from your dearest invaders, that will boost you, give permanent bonuses or be useful at crafting!

- There will be a martian megaboss, that LITERALLY hits Overworld with a sun, leaving it in infinite darkness.

- At this point mod has one alien civilization, eight mobs and three items.


Modification files
CSAI_0.2_0.jar - version 0.2378.81 KB

Version 0.2 - added 4 new mobs: martian firebreaker, martian firedrone, martian firebomb, martian flame support; added 1 new boss: martian commander taimur gnorts; now martian flaxemen will make you burn; added 3 new items: flaxe, firebreaker, gauntlet of flames; removed wallbreaker (replaced with firebreaker); added new command "setMartianCultOfFlamesThreatLevelMax" wich allows to set martian threat level to 20.

Version 0.11 - fixed critical martian spawning bug; now alien attacks are stabilized, wich means they will attack every five days; added 2 new mobs (Flatist recruit, martian wallbreaker); added new Insomnia effect (you can't sleep at night of an attack, because low tier aliens will spawn on you); Martian flamer's flamethrower damage reduced to zero, only fire damage remains. 

Here are examples of texture I made for my mod :
(I use imgbb for images)
Crimson Ladybug: https://ibb.co/CQXhTS8

Hoglin Latifrons: https://ibb.co/j3MrCGg

Allosaur: https://ibb.co/Q6f5yTb

Apatosaurus: https://ibb.co/1RcbDbT

Model: https://usaupload.com/NMH/Martian1.java

Texture: https://usaupload.com/NMI/Martian.png

And by the way.. While I was playing youre mod, I noticed that the aliens sometimes attack eachother.
You can fix this by joining them to a team.

(If you and a zombie are in the same team, he won't attack. Even if you will punch him.)

Hello again! I thought that fighting the Martian would be too boring, so I made him a new companion.

Meet the Toadbrute: https://ibb.co/xDsJvVZ
Martian Jockey: https://ibb.co/52ddhH2

Model: https://usaupload.com/PDv/Martian_Jockey.java
Texture_Jockey: https://usaupload.com/PDw/Martian_Jockey.png
Toadbrute: https://usaupload.com/PDu/Toadbrute.png
(use these textures on the same model)

When will the texture update come out? Loving the concept of youre mod! It just needed a bit of work. Im sure it will get more interest after the update. By the way, i think making martians use guns and grief youre world isn't the best choice. Im sure the toadbrute and the martian is enough. If needed, i can make a second variant of the martian(with a cannon).

You got to give credit it was hard making them. :)
Loving youre work!!

Hello! I was busy and didn't see your comments. You have explicite modeling skills!
I had a good thought about collaboration, but I've come to the conclusion that I want to do this mod all by myself, even if it lacks perfection. I am very sorry, I hope you'll understand! I hope we can work on something next time :)