Mining Mannies

Published by kreatorKen on Sun, 11/01/2020 - 21:50
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This is my mod MiningMannies. It consists of little block-like creatures which will "mine" any block for you. You have to tell them which block they should pop by placing it in their search slot, which kind of makes them programmable. They will evolve on their own over time, being able to take more damage, and carry more items.

To own a manni, sneak-right click on them with an empty hand and they will send secret messages to you. If you get far enough, you can also build a teleporter for them to teleport back to when their bags are full. You will need lots of iron! I changed the ore detector recipe and function so that it is not so hard make one and then you can quickly look for redstone to build a teleporter. v3.2.0 should be even more fun, they should teleport more often, are creatures instead of monsters, and you can turn their chatter of and on with /mannichatter. And you get 1 xp for each manni evolution.

The major change in v3.1.0 is the Seekers. They were rather useless in the previous versions. Now, they dig a bit when they find something at Level 1 and 2, and will tunnel dig at Level 3. Level 3 will also teleport to you and drop the ore right in front of you. Oh, and they only need flowers not ores. There is a different flower for each type of ore. The advancements will lead the way. A single climbing axe will slow your fall if you slip into one of their holes, two will let you climb out.

Note: I made the mod with v2020.4 for Forge 1.15.2, still thinking about 1.16.4, and 2021.x. Here is the extended Mod Guide. It is still valid for almost everything, but you still might want to check the changelog. The game advances by following the Advancements and Recipes and is designed to be an addition to survival gameplay. In fact, it seems to change the gameplay a lot, as they end up digging lots of holes all over the place! My recommendation is to start with a wooden axe (starts the advancements) and some shears, then get some grass so that you can make a grass block; you give that to a Manni. You also want to make an ore detector as soon as possible so that you can make a Manni teleporter. The mannies will drop their items near the teleporter for you to harvest. You need lots of iron! Did I say that already, I think I did. Yes, you will need lots, and lots of iron!

Please enjoy and don't forget to try to get them to evolve in survival mode!

Current Version 3.2.2

Modification files
MiningMannies1.1_1.jar - Inital release version.Uploaded on: 11/08/2020 - 14:16   File size: 1.1 MB
MiningMannies2.0.jar - Older version.Uploaded on: 12/27/2020 - 22:03   File size: 1.14 MB
MiningMannies312_0.jar - Older_version.Uploaded on: 09/10/2021 - 08:29   File size: 1.17 MB
MiningMannies322.jar - Current version: license can be found here: Workspace coming. See change log.Uploaded on: 09/18/2021 - 19:17   File size: 1.17 MB


  • official beta release.


  • corrected phase34 slot bug
  • added Steel Bar advancement (was missing): recipe release.
  • corrected Steel Block advancement: recipe release.
  • made steel stackable.


  • seekers now actually seek through blocks below them and will dig to the object they detect. level 1: 32 blocks. level 2: 64 blocks. Will add a level 3 and 4 in the future.
  • changed ore detector to scan the block which is clicked on and not stood on.
  • teleport drop now possible when destroyed dependent on the teleport probability. Found a few small bugs in the teleport calcs. Fixed those and found a way to keep it when you exit the game and come back.


  • simplified the recipe for making an ore detector, found a small bug for gold detection.
  • ore detectors scan for any type of ore up to 64 blocks and then deeper for a selected block chosen by sneak-left click. This way one can look for redstone and make a transporter quickly. Iron has to be found the hard way.


  • fixed small ore detector bug (couldn't use the left-shift click to toggle ore). Um, you have to craft it first to toggle the deep search function. Otherwise, just Coal is activated by default.


  • Made the Manni teleport item limit a function of the teleport chance. The max limit is divided by 4*TeleportChance.


  • Changed climbing axe recipe to make it more accessible at the beginning of survival, also made it work for all rock, earth and grass blocks.
  • Changed mannies dig tick rate to every 1 second instead of every tick. Slows them down, allows you to dig with them.
  • Changed mannies to "creatures" instead of monsters, to allow you to dig and sleep with them.
  • Corrected a bug when you speed up their evolution which caused them to dig less.
  • Changed battery recipe to shapeless, use lapis instead of a tripwire hook.

    Redesign of the Seekers.  

        Seekers 1.0 see 32 blocks down. Their search items are flowers - each flower is matched to a certain ore, announced in the Advancements.

        Seekers 2.0 see 64 blocks down. Level 2.0 evolves to Level 3.0

        Seekers 3.0 can search and digs 128 blocks down to a specific ore and harvests it, teleports back to you and drops it in front of you.

        Ore recipes will be reserved for Seekers 4.0 which will mine the entire vein before teleporting back to you.

        Added Seeker egg drop to each evolution to a new level. You get a seeker egg level 1 when a Level 1 Manni goes to Level 2,
        seeker level 2 egg when a Manni goes from 2 to 3, and seeker level 3 egg when a Manni goes from level 3 to 4.


  •     Added a command, /mannichatter, to toggle their chatter on or off.


  •     A single climbing axe still resulted in taking fall damage in survival mode, corrected.


  •     Single climbing axe angle was off, corrected.


  •     Added 1 xp point per manni evolution. Changed the global variables to GLOBAL_MAP.


  •     The working version. Renumbered it to prevent confusion.


  •     Okay. I tried the GLOBAL_MAP variable for all of my global variables but apparently they reset after a long while, no good. All are now GLOBAL_SESSION, they way they used to be.


I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong but every time I spawn Manni it immediately disappears.

In creative mode or in survival mode? I run only single player games on my MC at home and have been testing it the last few days. Everything works in my hands. So, I dont have any experience from a server side, just in case that is what is going on. Do you have Forge 1.15.2 installed? Both the creative mode eggs and the eggs I made work in my hands.