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About: Hello! Do you want to add some horror to your world? Make caves even scarier? Explore mines shivering? If yes this is mod for you! This mod adds new mob called 

Crawler to make your minecraft world scarier!




-Crawlers are fear hunters that live in deep caves

-They look like more shadowy, hunched endermans!

-You can see his white, soulless eyes in the dark

-If you hear a lot of cave noises that means that Crawler is close to you

-They can spawn everywere where light level is 0

-They can look scary but don't attack you

-They avoid players and villagers

-They can be only damaged by player direct contact

-If you damage it or get too close it will apply Haunted effect to you and vanish

--Haunted gives you short flashes of blindness alongside with cave noises

--You will get some damage when effect is applied


-This is my first 1.15.2 mod so they can be some bugs

-Mod will not recieve big updates

Modification files
Darkness. - -First RealseUploaded on: 08/08/2020 - 21:05   File size: 33.18 KB
Darkness. on: 09/06/2020 - 19:27   File size: 35.99 KB

Version 0.2.1:

Changed: Changed Haunted effect icon, Changed Haunted effect mechanics, Changed spawn egg color

Added: Haunted damage

Is very original to make a mob that you know where is by the eco (cave noises), but if you are vale to know where they are, why are they not dangerous?

Because that mob hurts you inside :P
Jokes aside, there are many things that are irrational in Minecraft, and having a mob that feeds of the fear of players without actually harming them wouldn't be too absurd. Or maybe the crawler's ability to haunt players could only be a defensive mechanic (kinda like bees only sting you if they feel they are in danger, except it doesn't actually harm you)