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For now I'm going to stop developing this mod for several reasons.

I'm publishing where I left the mod and the workspace ifanyone wants to continue developing it.

Planned Updates

V0.01 | V.02 | V0.03 | V0.1 ||| v0.11 |


Steampunk v0.1

  • +30 Blocks
  • Windows and Doors both with custom sounds and functionality
  • CURRENT VERSION v0.01 (Alpha of v0.1)

Progressbar for v0.1 | Steampunk Update

Development paused/canceled

Progress Bar | Paused/Canceled



All the future updates and current progress being done to the mod is in this trello board:




It only requieres forge to make this mod work. The link of dowload is this: https://files.minecraftforge.net/

Windows Installation
  • Download the file
  • Press Windows Key + R and type "%Appdata%".
  • Go to .minecraft and the to the mods folder.
  • Click and drag the file of the mod to the folder
Mac Installation
  • Download the file
  • Go to /Library/Application Support/Minecraft/mods folder
  • Click and drag the file of the mod to the folder


If you have any question or any suggestion, please comment below.


Mod made by:LionsStuff

Project members
Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
UNCO Mod - V0.011.jar - UNCO Mod | V0.011 Jar File | (not so stable)455.04 KB
UNCO Mod - V0.01.jar - UNCO Mod | V0.01 Jar File | (stable but outdated)387.57 KB
UNCO-Mod-Workspace.zip - UNCO Mod | MCreator Workspace490.95 KB
  • Alpha | V0.01 - Steampunk

- 22 Blocks

- 3 Windows with custom sound and functionality (Open and Close)

- 1 Door with custom sound and functionality (Open and Close)