Ascension Craft

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This mod was an idea I had once. I decided to expand upon it one day. This mod is grindy and tedious at times. Proceed with caution. This is a late game mod. (Meaning you beat the dragon)



There are currently 31 items.

Ruby and Topaz related items

Steels and other metals

And 2 animated textures



There are currently 15 blocks.

Blocks used in a structure

Crafting type blocks

Ores and blocks made from them



What is an age? An age is a part of the mod based on a certain type of crafting table.


Example :

Age 1 is a 3x3 crafting table

Age 2 is a 5x5 crafting table (Table in game)

Age 3 is a 7x7 crafting table (Table is not in game)



This mod is a third done I think.

Maybe less.


But currently Age 1 is finished, and I have added 2 things in age 2. 



I hope you enjoy my mod!

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Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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Modification files
ascencraftbeta1.0.0.jar - The most recent version. (No alpha because my devbuilds were kinda alpha)385.19 KB
ascencraftdevbuild2.jar - My 2nd devbuild made.313.34 KB
ascencraftdevbuild.jar - My first export of the mod.249.38 KB