Steel Construction and Tools

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This mod adds in steel, which is stronger than diamond in some ways, as it is in real life. There are dozens of new steel-based building blocks for you to make roofs, fences, and bars similar to iron bars in every color of dye from vanilla Minecraft. All of these blocks have high blast resistance and are able to withstand a TNT explosion. More content coming soon!

New Ores

This mod adds in 2 new ores for the purpose of making steel ingots. Both ores will need to get smelted.



Making Steel

You will need 6 iron ingots, 1 steel powder, 1 chrome and 1 nickel ingot to make 8 unrefined steel powder pieces. These then can be smelted into steel ingots. Coke can be obtained by smelting coal, coal blocks or charcoal and then ground into 4 powder pieces. Coke can be used as fuel to smelt 16 items or 4 with the powder.

Steel Plates

8 steel ingots can be made into 16 plates. These can be painted with any dye of choice or made into stairs or slabs to make steel roofs. These can be painted as well to make your builds look even nicer. The plates also can be used to make strong, opaque fences.

Steel Bars

You can also make steel bars similar to iron bars, but stronger. These can be painted for decoration. Use these on security bars, jails, prisons, dungeons, strongholds, fortresses or whatever you want! 

Steel Tools, Weapons and Armor

This mod also adds steel armor, tools and weapons, which have extreme durability. Craft them like any other gear, replace materials with steel ingots. When you wear the armor, you have the resistance and slowness effects. The tools deal 2 more damage than diamond and have faster attack speed. When any tool or armor breaks, you get 1 piece of scrap metal back per ingot used to make it. These can be melted down to steel Ingots.

Future Ideas

Shiny/polished steel blocks, painted versions, improved steel plate recipes, steel doors/trapdoors and more.


MOJANG STUDIOS for the netherite block and basalt base textures used in the coke and ore blocks.

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