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Hi guys...


So, I have been working on a, *ahem* Project that will include the Master Sword, so I'll be taking this mod down soon. Thanks for understanding!!

Go check my new Forum Topic, Frustration, for more info regarding the Mod's stability and Progress.


The Master Sword has arrived in Minecraft! It's ready to Slice and Dice whatever Mobs come near it! Now, with the latest Update, there's More Crafting, More Items, and More Advancements! First, i'll start with the Crafting; First, you have to craft Sacred Ingots by using a Diamond, an Emerald, Redstone Dust, and an Iron Ingot. Then, You have to craft the Handle of the Sword with four Sacred Ingots and Blue Dye! After that, you have to craft the Blade with Two Sacred Ingots, and then you craft it all together! But Wait, there's more! In the previous version, that was it. but now, the Sword isn't in it's True Form. for That, you have to craft each individual piece of the Triforce, then you have to fuse the Triforce and the Sword together on a Crafting Table. After That, You will then wield the Legendary Blade to seal the Darkness, the Sword of Evil's Bane, the One, The Only, The Legendary True Master sword! I'll have some Images of how to craft the Triforce Pieces, and then i'll leave the rest to you all! Also, the Mod will say it's version is 1.0.0 in the Minecraft mod Menu, don't mind that, i don't understand why it does that. It works just fine, though. Anyways, with that out of the way, Happy Crafting, Everyone!


Also, i couldn't add images of all of the Recipes, so i have made a Forum for the rest of the Recipes.


this mod was created by using MCreator's Modding Software.


Modification files
mastersword_mod_1.8.9_2.0.0.jar - The Mod, but made for an Older build of Minecraft, for those of you who want to play on Badlion.51.66 KB
mastersword_mod_2.0.0_1.15.2.jar - The latest version for my Mod.51.66 KB

1.0.0 - the Mod first came out in Beta form.

1.1.0 - some Bugs were fixed with the Crafting Recipes and Items.

1.2.0 - the Current version of the Mod. Let me know if you find any bugs! If you can't craft some stuff in Survival, try getting yourself the Items in Creative.

1.2.5 - Fixed some Name issues.

1.3.0 - added a Much-Needed Legendary ingot recipe. Not sure how i forgot that :\

1.4.0 - Fixed a few more Naming Issues.

2.0.0 - removed a useless block with no purposes, and added a Creative Tab for all of these items.