Souls API

Published by Corruptor on Tue, 08/25/2020 - 12:36
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          Souls API

Heavily inspired by Minecraft Dungeons, SoulsAPI adds soul currency to the game. The Souls API mod comes with a soul count variable for every player, that you can do what you want with. Souls drop from an entity, even if not killed by a player. When the souls are put in the player's inventory, the soul item gets deleted and adds 1 to the soul count. This is still unstable, and if any issues are found, I would like to hear it.


Variable name: "SoulCount" 

Variable type: NUMBER 

Variable scope: PLAYER_LIFETIME 

Initial value: 0 


Modification files - Souls API - V1.0Uploaded on: 08/25/2020 - 12:36   File size: 5.09 MB

v1.0 - The first edition.

Nice mod, you should put some sort of use for the souls though :D
I have a suggestion of "artifact-like" items ;)