Extra Enchants!

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Made by Shadowdragon019


This mod was made because they're just not enough enchants! I'm making a small video about making the first 5 enchants of this mod! The link will be here when it arrives, here's a arrow for now -->


Please give feedback! What do you like/dislike? Got any feature ideas? Got a bug?


There are three []'s these indicate what properties the enchant has.

What it can be applied to [Tools], [Golden Leggings]

Enchant [E], Curse [C], or Treasure [T]

[III] Level of enchant


A list of Enchants and their effect:

Butter Hoe [Golden Hoe] [E] [I]: You can eat your hoe to restore health.
Cold Feet [Boots] [T] [I]: Who need Frost Walker when you walk on lava!
Curse of Insomnia [Helmet] [C] [I]: Sleep is for the weak.
Curse of Voiding [Weapons] [C] [I]: Send your enemies to the void, instantly killing them for a price...
Curse of Weakness [Armor] [C] [I]: Weakens your physical abilities.
Curse of Weight [Armor] [C] [I]: Pulls you down. Try not to drown!
Excavator [Tools] [T] [II]: Digs a 3x3 or 5x5 hole
Explosive Temper [Tools] [T] [III]: Your anger has channeled to your weapon causing you to explode when using them.
Garbage Collector [Weapons/Tools] [T] [III]: You're the garbage man! (Or woman)
Hallowed [Weapons/Tools] [T] [I]: Hollows out the inside of your weapons allowing you to attack faster.
Illumination [All] [T] [I]: You places torches on the ground when it's dark.
Immense Chest Hatred [Axe] [C] [I]: Chests are evil. EVIL!
Jumpy [All] [T] [I]: Gives you a double jump! Hold shift to jump again.
Mermaid [Armor] [T] [I]: Swim like a fish! Gives buffs in water.
Poison Aspect [Weapons] [E] [II]: You inflict poison on your enemies.
Poison Resistance [Helmet] [E] [III]: Gives you a chance to cure poison from your body.
Soul Vacuum [Weapons] [E] [II]: The edgy enchant! Gives some health when killing a enemy.
Speedy [Boots] [E] [III]: Gives speed and is amplified by the level.
Time Slap [Sword] [E] [III]: Gives strength when every so often when attacking.
Vitality [Armor] [T] [I]: Gives more max health based on the total Vitality of your armor.

Thank you to CJDaBomb#0473 on Discord for the Curse of Voiding idea!

My Discord is here: https://discord.gg/seePa7z

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Nice mod.

Also could I use this in a modpack I have been working on??


Wow, I really like these enchantment ideas!
Also how about a curse to use when you're pranking your friends like Curse of Drowning - Decreases your underwater breathing time